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  1. sandflesh and i are different people mr.handflesh was made by KungFuGrip And i took it to make a cool name you can delete it if you want. or i could could give the handflesh password to kungfugrip
  2. you Dumb craps Wait until the old mister hat come online which he will in about a half hour and yes he will have a different ip. Ill show you. remember his name is sandflesh.
  3. OK ill enlighten you I AM NOT The hat your thinking about he signed off and have have his name now I think he is going as sandflesh now.
  4. [mr.]Mr.Hat


    Hey I hate these stupid people who fly fire trucks and make packers go a billon miles an hour. But I REALLY hate those damn people that warp you to the side of the island and steal you nice car.
  5. This is last post in this forum mabay ever. I was playing with some one named mr.White and he was a mexican I was a cop as aloways. I pinned him for 5 mins and he some how got out of the pin. so i went on the roof of his spawn and thew moltives at him that i drove a bike in there a killed his ass. if I can a mex with the police skin that so can any one. ps. Its cold KungFuGrip let me in
  6. Finally someone now knows that I am an idoit. I am a 9 year old canadian layer. and kungfu grip is my best friend, maby he dosent like me but I like him. BUT NOT IN THAT WAY!!.
  7. Nooo way I dont cheat on any other sever but this one AND I LIKE that there is one server where us hackys can HACk.
  8. I figerd A way to get out of pins get you freind to push the vehical off. And about the that. Way can you push trucks and stuff just by walking into them is the dude you play as super human.
  9. I am differnt from sara shaw. and YES the tmm people on the tmm sever do cheat and I like it I like that I am aloewd to cheat on there server and they don't kick people for beating and killing them i beat them in races all the time and I never have been banned or kicked.
  10. I KNOW FUCKING CHEATER. ME I USED TO CHEAT. I dont cheat becuse i ive been banned by almost every server. how do you post screen shots
  11. I only cheated the one time on 2.2 the way I used to do it dosent work in 0.3 I dont ever want to bee peramently baned and the hack i use now is the cam hack.
  12. Heres a good one.. I modded my police car file(i know im not sapost to) and I picked the cop skin. well there was a stupid mexican rading the police staion. i got to other side of the island in 4 secs. then he tryed to kill me and then ran off he thought he could out run my police car in his stupid cheeta. I gave a 10 sec head start and in 3 secs i smashed the rear end of his car and he flew into the water and expoled.
  13. there should be a serivival match theres 5 cars 3 guns and 20 people. the point of the game is to grab what you can and go nuts. but in order to do it you should make it it a small area in the city. This going A bit off subject but I havent been online in few weeks. Can you put feature list on what things are in mta 0.3. That movie was great if you finally got that stupid animation working that good ,you should get a full page reaview in P.C Gamer.
  14. tthe one that runs only xp becuse its under less stress
  15. I am not complaning and yes I do have a pic and if you give me your email i will send it to you and prove that i got a heli in there when i get home. ill show how dumb u are when you see it.
  16. I told every one about this mod 5 days ago I told you it Is COOL.
  17. Then you don't go to that server
  18. how.. easy if there is any altercation in the game that is different from everyone else you boot them
  19. THis it to MTA staff. I have such a wierd pic that I want to post it on the home page. who do i contact to do so
  20. OK I think there should be vote kick system to stop stupid people that spawn camp to play and there should be a program that disables ALL cheats and you can disabale the program for your sever if you want sorta like punkbuster.
  21. Look there is nothing u can do about it. spawn campers ar just going to do it any way. if there was a vote kick system it might help.
  22. No no make a program on the non cheat server to ban cheats but don't put that program on the cheat severs. quake 3 has one , Its called punkbuster
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