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  1. here is the link for you all to keep looking at, a demo will debut at E3 2005 and will hopefully be in true GTA style. Although it isn't necessarily part of the series it is being modeled after GTA. Chewd http://www.megagames.com/news/html/pc/g ... sapb.shtml
  2. thanxs for testing it out, I appreciate the attempt.
  3. I was wondering if making the process priority higher for MTA in windows task manager might be able to help with lag issues until a patch is issued? Any ideas or warnings about doing this? At work so can't try till later but figured I'd try to get some input on this. Thanks
  4. Chewd

    MTAMA Scripting

    thank you for a fast reply Mr. Bump.. much appreicatd especially for one who doesn't know the first thing about scripting. Also... (off the subject) I thought I read somewhere that you made most (if not all) of the other game modes for mta and was wondering if your considering making anymore in the future? Sure you've had lots of suggestins made already and not looking for specifics... just curious if your going to persue that anymore. Thanxs.. Chewd
  5. Chewd

    MTAMA Scripting

    post multiple messages at specific time intervals and have them loop? Not sure if anything like this exists already but I'd like to have messages displayed every few minutes giving out rules (1 at a time) when my server is up and some general mta information about known problems for newer players. I get tired of explaining these things over and over and tohught it might be useful. If something liek this alrady exsists I aplogize or if anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.. Chewd
  6. I've used zmodler and wasn't too happy with it however. I've been using maya for a number of years now and have most of the plugins to convert to/from 3d studio max, lightwave and a few other 3d modeling apps. I'm used to using sdk's however and I'm finding moomapper to be quite a pain in the a$$.
  7. I was wondering if you might have some good tutorial links for making new objects and item placement. I've seen some out there but most seem to leave out steps along the way and I've bene having some difficulty. I'm used to working with sdk's and moomapper isn't the most user friendly app. Anything you might have would be appreciated. I actualyl wouldn't mind keeping the same general layout for vice city.. but I'd definitely like to expand some areas and replace some objects entirely. (such as more walkways across rooftops and bi-level highways etc....)
  8. if you've played around with the .ide killer that leaves you with a blank map? I've been looking for some hints about where to start after this and figured I'd ask jic.
  9. I won't be trying a new map pack and joining a public server.. my interest lies in a few private games for my friends and I too see if any of these maps are worth anything. They look interesting.. at least some do.
  10. page is translated using google language tools (German Site so trans not exact) There are quite a few new maps and a large amount of map modifications..... many of these are great for stunt servers but others are great small maps good for DM. http://translate.google.com/translate?u ... uage_tools
  11. the .ide killer utiliy (I've only found it on German sites so far) deletes the entire vc map leaving you with jsut the ground minus the textures... it's essentaiily a clean slate to start building new maps
  12. hi everyone.. I was wondering if anyone has found any new moomapper tutorials? I've seen most of the "old" ones. But what I am specifically looking for are making new maps after using the .ide killer and have nothing but a gray surface for the ground terrain. Thanxs
  13. not sure if this has been mentioned before but I'd luv to see a game mode similar to UT 2003/2004 domination mode. 2 teams have to hold "x" amount of areas for "x" amount of time. It would also be nice if there was a way to randomize the locations so you don't have an airport dm shoot out for the entire time. Having more than two teams would also be a nice feature but would probably only work for the larger servers.
  14. Chewd

    IP Conflict

    In case your still having problems this works for me.. 1. open cmd prompt 2. type "telnet" without the "" 3 type "open port 2003" without quotes and 2003 represent whatever port you want to open repeat for each port
  15. will keep my eye out for the server
  16. anyone working on any new game mode scripts? jsut curious.. and does anyone know of a regular server tha tmight run manhunt/kotc or any of the other game modes? I don't ever seem to find them running
  17. Please start using votekick on all the official servers! The amount of cheaters has become ridiculous and most of the "admins" seem to be non existent. Sorry to rant but it seems almost impossible to find a server now without any cheaters
  18. any chance the MTA team would consider doing dual releases of next versions? one that has the crc check and all the fun stuff to keep things "legit" and another for those that want to experiment heavily with modding in all categories?
  19. just curious why everyone is so concerned about helicopters having unlimited ammo? Heli's aren't that hard to blow out of the sky.... and if that's a major concern... limit the ammo or make it very difficult to get more. Same goes for the tank.....
  20. hey KFC. .I had a few probs at first with votekck but just in case you haven't gotten the info yet... copy the votekick script into mIRC script editor and save as votekick.mrc , load the script and then while in game from client window type !votekick 0 or !votekick 1 etc etc depending on who you want to kick from the game and their position number in the game. If you want to vote for that person if soemone else initites.. type in !vote to cast your vote. (hard to say all of this without being convoluted) Do not type in !votekick from server admin... doesn't work
  21. thought you meant destuction effects for all buildings in vice city.. that would be an undertaking... as far as the cinematics for constructions site.. probably not very difficult
  22. not to dash your hopes but the amount of coding to allow buildings to blow up would be huge. You'd essentially have to redo almost all polygons/dynamic effects/particles effects and who knows what else.. .this would be a MAJOR undertaking
  23. it's been open source for a few months at most I think but am hoping someone here with some coding skills can make it run better. I'd also like to see it have some more extension support (maya lightwave & world builder specifically)
  24. playstation 2 only? I sure hope that isn't the case.. playstation 2 sux next to PC and xbox.. I seriously hope they have just with held info or it is a miss print
  25. can I ask where you put the randomizer .exe gtadude? Because mine still keep playing the first track in my mp3 list.
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