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  1. A: Yup Q: Who do you think they will take over next?
  2. A: Lemmings 2, I think it was pre 96 Q: Anyone agree?
  3. Not many here but they are getting better and better in quality, especially the last 4 cars *cough* Modstack.com *cough*
  4. A: I thought it was every 50, but that can't be right. Q: Is it every 45? Or what
  5. Xerox, good to see that ur putting ur moderating powers to good use , hmm unlucky about the shuttle blowing up
  6. Damn yeah,sorry , and yeah u have to conisder people with a lower res
  7. I personally think the line up looks amazing, btw what week are we in now?? Can't wait for a good stable version, and nice idea pepito123
  8. Whats the big deal here, 90x90 seems to be fine with most people and a fair few other forums use it as their max too.
  9. Good to hear it, Ive had a fair handful of viruses in my time, must get 10 worms a day through email
  10. Hehe, like the cans. Maybe add a Duff beer idea , anyways much better than the fruit, keep it up
  11. No I wont spam but anyway thnx guys Been busy modeling (less time need on the forums ) A: Yup, well the tanks.. Q: GTA1, GTA2 or GTA3?
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