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  1. Can You link me to the site where i can get this bot? Thanks!
  2. Layoffin

    My First Map!!

    Thats what i am telling you. That you can't find it. So i can make a new one for ya!
  3. Layoffin

    My First Map!!

    No, but if you want i can make a better one for you. If intrested Join here and ask me.
  4. Layoffin

    My First Map!!

    Bro since it was my first map. I lost its co ordinates xD. Sorry!
  5. Hi, I am Layoffin. And i am looking for a scripter that can help me with my gangwar server. gangwar gamemode and a little bit of help with gui. And modes! And talking about paid/unpaid. It will depend once we have talked a little bit more about the work! If Intrested link with me here>>
  6. Man I can help, but atleast give somthing to make us be able to contact you.
  7. Layoffin

    I need help!

    Hey, i am Layoffin and i am in kind of confusing state! can anyone of you help me with the custom objects please help me please leave you suggestion or your discord name and tag so that i could contact you!! Thanks!
  8. Both of you thank you so much for pointing my mistake I will try to correct it!!
  9. Hey Guys Let me introduce myself i am layoffin, and I am back with another great map! Check the photos here:- to get the map contact me on discord! My Discord Tag: Layoffin#9724 or Pm me here or email me at:
  10. Layoffin

    My First Map!!

  11. Its nice You have put a lot of hard work in it but the selection of things are not good. It feels like you have placed things randomly anywhere. Try to draw out a layout of the map you are going to built before starting it Peace Out!
  12. Layoffin

    My First Map!!

    Guys The Map is now ready. If You Want it DM me on discord of Pm me here Discord= Layoffin#9724