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  1. I contacted the owner when the foreign server that I played with pleasure a few years ago, when the man told me that he will sell the server, I wanted to buy the money and bought the server with my team, we reopened the server with 40 50 active players, we are selling the server that we continue with mta. I am sharing, there are people waiting for this server to be opened at the moment. You cannot see the modes on the server on another server... Price: 40$ Discord: Murphy#7164
  2. Selamun aleyküm oynadığım yabancı kaliteli bir server kapandıktan sonra sahibiyle iletişime geçip o serverın sc lerini satın aldım kendim sunucunun dilini Türkçeye adapte ettim server hakkında her şeyi hazırladım hosting alıp sunucuyu açmak istiyorum başlamak için önce yaşı büyük sunucuyu doldurabilecek birisiyle veya maddi olarak destek sağlayabilecek birisiyle ortak olmak daha sonra onunla birlikte kadro kurmak istiyorum sunucuma ortak arıyorum güzel bir gang wars sunucusu olacak sc ler olağanüstü kaliteli rp olayı çok güzel ayrı suçlu polis ve sivil olabilme olanakları var ortaklık düşünenl
  3. Hi, after closing a foreign quality server that I played, I contacted the owner and bought the scripts of that server, I adapted the language of the server to multi language, I prepared everything about the server, I am looking for a partner in my server. Discord: Murphy#7164
  4. Welcome to GTA Online GTA Online is an online gaming community. Our main goal is to bring fun and entertainment to our players. Multi-Language: Don't speak English? No problem! -Our server is currently translated in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Croatian and Turkish. -And that's not all, we will keep translating the server in more languages! No matter where are you from -or what language you speak you will enjoy playing in our server! -Also, to make sure that you don't miss anything until we translate the server in your language -there is a translator application in our
  5. Hey friends, I am in MTA 6 years. I order server in MTA 3 years. I talked my buddy this mounth. I bought him server. I like this script. I will buy a new host on August. I want to back MTA. We are looking script for server on Hamachi. If you want to help me for this topic, talk with me on discord. If you wonder server, it uploaded in Youtube. You can be staff in our server... Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgXq8E7kRtI&feature=youtu.be Discord: Murphy#7164
  6. Hi everyone, I don’t want to weather 3 8 9 12 ID in my server How can I deactive weather 3 8 9 12 ID in my server? Thanks for helping...
  7. Hi everybody, We need medium-level scripter. Firstly we want to turf system/terrority system. If you help to us, we will pay it. Send me message for detail...
  8. Hi Everybody, I want to Ammunation Script but Ammunation must has got Jetpack and other guns(not included Rocet Launcer,Minigun etc.) Thanks for reading...
  9. Hi Friends, I need help. What is the wrong? If Someone help me, I will give admin rights. This is base script but not save this base. function setData(player) if player then if isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)), aclGetGroup("Console")) then setElementData(player, "Yetkili", "Kurucu") elseif isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)), aclGetGroup("Admin")) then setElementData(player, "Yetkili", "Admin") end end end setTimer( function() for i, pl
  10. Hi buddies , We tried to set team spawn but we can't make it. We writed some codes. Where did we do wrong ? If you help me, I feel be happy. Thanks for reading... local spawnpoint addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() spawnpoint = getRandomSpawnPoint() resetMapInfo() for i,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do spawn(player) end end ) function spawn(player) --if not isElement(player) then return end if get("spawnreset") == "onSpawn" then spawnpoint = get
  11. We want to create a different GangWar game mode. We need a good gang+base and territory(turf) system. We want add gang bases On both sides of LS and LV cities.And we will add more territory on streets. Gangs have to fight for 10 minutes in territory to get a base for themselves. And they will spawn in the territory base. If they lose their base, they will spawn anywhere. Friends, we need help for this. Scripters will be admin. We can make 100 online players with this project. If you want to participate in the project, you can send a message specifically.
  12. I want to enlarge private chat but If I change number , private chat is not work Please help me !! chat[ply] = {} chat[ply].wnd = guiCreateWindow(337,277,395,252, getPlayerName(ply), false) chat[ply].img = guiCreateStaticImage(0.0228,0.0754,0.9544,0.8889,"image/shruk.png",true,chat[ply].wnd) chat[ply].memo = guiCreateMemo(0.043,0.1746,0.9089,0.623, "", true, chat[ply].wnd) chat[ply].edit = guiCreateEdit(0.043,0.8214,0.7089,0.1111, "", true, chat[ply].wnd) chat[ply].btnX = guiCreateButton(0.9215,0.0754,0.0557,0.0794, "X", true, chat[ply].wnd)
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