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  1. @Abdul KariM admin or console? @Abdul KariM
  2. function registerPlayer(username,password,passwordConfirm) if not (username == "") then if not (password == "") then if not (passwordConfirm == "") then if password == passwordConfirm then local account = getAccount (username,password) if (account == false) then local accountAdded = addAccount(tostring(username),tostring(password)) if (accountAdded) then outputChatBox ("#FF0000* #00FF00You have sucessfuly registered! [Username: #FFFFFF" .. username .. " #00FF00| Password: #FFFFFF" .. password .. "#00FF00 ]",source,255,255,255,true ) else triggerClientEvent(source,"set_warning_text",getRootElement(),"Register","An unknown error has occured! Please choose a different username/password and try again.") end else triggerClientEvent(source,"set_warning_text",getRootElement(),"Register","An account with this username already exists!") end else triggerClientEvent(source,"set_warning_text",getRootElement(),"Register","Passwords do not match!") end else triggerClientEvent(source,"set_warning_text",getRootElement(),"Register","Please confirm your password!") end else triggerClientEvent(source,"set_warning_text",getRootElement(),"Register","Please enter a password!") end else triggerClientEvent(source,"set_warning_text",getRootElement(),"Register","Please enter a username you would like to register with!") end end addEvent("onRequestRegister",true) addEventHandler("onRequestRegister",getRootElement(),registerPlayer) wheni press the register key the debug says that the resource can't add account as in : local accountAdded = addAccount(tostring(username),tostring(password))
  3. Anthony


    @LopSided_ thanks @Abdul KariM شكرا الكود أشتغل
  4. Anthony


    @LopSided_ and what's the right code?
  5. Anthony


    @LopSided_ attempt to compare boolean with number it appears when i press the bind key
  6. Anthony


    bindKey("F1", "down", function() if getElementData(localPlayer,"Stats") < 2 and getElementInterior(localPlayer) == 0 and getElementDimension(localPlayer) == 0 then if not isInColExport () then guiSetVisible(Window_VS, not guiGetVisible(Window_VS)) guiSetVisible (Window_CHK, false) showCursor(guiGetVisible(Window_VS)) end end end) triggerServerEvent("onOpenGui", localPlayer) what's the wrong at this script supports English and Arabic help