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  1. Ton

    Making a map

    No they can't make it MTA compatable, because MTA doesn't support mods. Not a mod, a map.Thanks Orian! I think I'm gonna work myself trough that tutorial somewhere in this week.
  2. Ton

    Making a map

    But for GTA. And if it's worth it somebody can make it MTA compatible.
  3. Hey, Is it hard to make your own map? I would like to give it a try. I wanna make a race circuit! What software should I use? I've got experience with mapping for Unreal Tournament, UT2003 and Tactical Ops. (UT mod) This is btw my first post since Sa Nov 29, 2003 7:44 pm!
  4. Ton

    The Hunted

    Do you know how large Vice City is?
  5. Hey, Is there a way to record movies with sounds? And which editor can I use to edit the movies, add sounds in it, texts etc? (nice one, free would be cool) Thanks!!! Greetz, Big_Boss_Man
  6. Ton

    Race thing

    No, don't edit the radar. You see the next checkpoint big on the radar, the one afther that smaller.
  7. Ton

    The Hunted

    Nice idea. And maybe Team Hunted. 2 teams (or more) every team has got a person who's hunted and you should kill the hunted person from the other team and protect yours.
  8. Ton

    Race thing

    u wont get more replies when posting like that just w8 some days... but coz u cant w8: i personally like Ben's idea....write in chat:/create race. than u get a heli (not synched, takes no damage), set a startline and than u can fly over thw whole city and create some checkpoints (horn button + if u r flying then the checkpoint is set to the next ground level (z axis)) than u set the finnish line and the race can begin. with this option to set the checkpoints yourself u could even make a race from the lift to the spotlight roof (would be funny with 10 ppl all on bike ). -for all those who ne
  9. Ton

    When VC crashes

    I always push the Windows button 16 times and control-alt-delete about 30 times andso. I'll try it.
  10. Screw GTA3, it has got not bikes. (= no fun when you have ever played VC )
  11. So, when VC crashed I can't get back to Windows (most of the times) so I have to restart the computer and that takes very long. Can't somebody make something that VC is automaticly closed when it crashed.?? Greetz, Big_Boss_Man
  12. Ton

    Race thing

    Well... I didn't write that for fun.
  13. How do you do that? And where? I often fall because I go to hard. What I do is pressing forward and leaning backwards and release it when I get to high then I do it again when I come down.
  14. En die zijn zeker wel slim genoeg om ASE te gebruiken? Bij mij in de klas zitten een paar van die mensen die ik altijd moet helpen met van die domme dingen (en dan zoek ik altijd de URL op van het boek 'windows xp for dummies' bij Bol.com ofzo ) Die zullen er geen flikker van begrijpen.
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