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  1. yo bit late this posts, but anyways... i also downloaded that imagen recource today and found out bymyself, that i need to edit the xml from 'gamemode' into 'script', but now i got a new problem... it say´s, the position is right under the mini map.... thats just a "lie", because many players got many different solutions, so the image got many places, where it could be. So i decided to edit the postition from bottom left corner into right upper corner, so the image/text can´t overlapp the mini map Can anybody give me a position, where the text is in the right upper corner? I tested it bymyse
  2. and this vehicle change pickup should also be edited, so it´s the same like in MTA Sa Race... otherwise many maps wont work. INFO: If you drive into a vehicle pickup you don´t "blow" up anymore...
  3. flemm

    Race Maps.

    i think it´s only your problem.... normally the mtea.xml looks like this <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <meta> <info type="map" gamemodes="race" name="[DM] Flemm v20.1 JumpSkillz" /> <map src="[DM] Flemm v20.1 JumpSkillz.map" /> <settings> <setting name="#time" value="23:0" /> <setting name="#respawn" value="none" /> </settings> </meta> but i also got a problem... the server just plays the same maps... if i put the "random" map system online the server only plays 2 maps (550) are uploaded! Also if i activate the v
  4. well that is the problem... in the meta.xml the starting time is correct and respawn is set on "none"
  5. well the MTA 1.0 is a kind of good mod, because many diffrent game types (DM,Race) are now "pressed" into one game. But for the MTA Race guys it´s really hard to convert the maps and stuff like that. Moreover for me it´s new, that i script with Lua... before we had our own "mta-race" script. Would be nice if somebody got a resolution to convert the maps fast and clean. Because i heard about story like if you convert the maps, they all have respawn again. Really bad for DD/DM maps... _________________________________________________________________ EDIT: Map converter dont work very good...
  6. Hey guys... i know this is a old topic but i got a question. I tried to edit the trace script from sanzor, so just level 3 (or higher) admins can use it. Also all messages are shown in a pm now. But i got a problem (i use a PRS.EDIT so i tried it with $prs.level... but now if you type !trace you just can see this message: mta.pm $1 $2 Tracing $mta.nick($1,%a) $+ , please wait... Here is my "edit" on *:SIGNAL:mta.connect: { !.timer 1 2 mta.text $1 Sanzor´s (edited) !trace script connected } alias gusms.getid { var %id = 0 while (%id < 32) { if ($+(*,$2,*) iswm $mta.nick(
  7. WannaKnow helped me... now it works! } elseif ($3 == !kick) { if ($prs.level($1,$2) >= $prs.kick($1)) { if ($prs.level($1,$2) > $prs.level($1,%a)) { mta.text $1 Kicking $mta.nick($1,%a) Reason: $iif($5,$5-,N/A) .timer 1 5 mta.kick $1 %a } else insuf $1 $2 } }
  8. YOU BROKE IT j/k then i wont edit !kick anymore
  9. ok scooby thanks !voteredo works and i also edit !redo so just level 4 can do it now but now i got a strange problem... if i edit the !kick command like you wrote it, then i cant kick anymore AND i can´t !votemap
  10. hey i will test it now btw i got a new question if a admin types !kick it should be like !kick sco afk Scooby got kicked Reason: afk i tried it $iif(%a >= $prs.kick($1),!kick -)$iif($4, Reason: $4-) it´s right?
  11. Hey guys.... i use a PRS-Edit for my server (i just edit !brb, !lag, etc...) but now i would like to have an !voteredo command. It should be like !votemap but you don´t have to type a map name... just !voteredo. All have to type !voteredo and if the vote-limit is reached and all died the map starts again. 1. Question it´s possible? 2. Question anybody would like top create it for me?
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