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  1. yo bit late this posts, but anyways... i also downloaded that imagen recource today and found out bymyself, that i need to edit the xml from 'gamemode' into 'script', but now i got a new problem... it say´s, the position is right under the mini map.... thats just a "lie", because many players got many different solutions, so the image got many places, where it could be. So i decided to edit the postition from bottom left corner into right upper corner, so the image/text can´t overlapp the mini map Can anybody give me a position, where the text is in the right upper corner? I tested it bymysef, but i failed hard... tyvm
  2. and this vehicle change pickup should also be edited, so it´s the same like in MTA Sa Race... otherwise many maps wont work. INFO: If you drive into a vehicle pickup you don´t "blow" up anymore...
  3. flemm

    Race Maps.

    i think it´s only your problem.... normally the mtea.xml looks like this <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <meta> <info type="map" gamemodes="race" name="[DM] Flemm v20.1 JumpSkillz" /> <map src="[DM] Flemm v20.1 JumpSkillz.map" /> <settings> <setting name="#time" value="23:0" /> <setting name="#respawn" value="none" /> </settings> </meta> but i also got a problem... the server just plays the same maps... if i put the "random" map system online the server only plays 2 maps (550) are uploaded! Also if i activate the votenomination i always can vote just for the same maps
  4. well that is the problem... in the meta.xml the starting time is correct and respawn is set on "none"
  5. well the MTA 1.0 is a kind of good mod, because many diffrent game types (DM,Race) are now "pressed" into one game. But for the MTA Race guys it´s really hard to convert the maps and stuff like that. Moreover for me it´s new, that i script with Lua... before we had our own "mta-race" script. Would be nice if somebody got a resolution to convert the maps fast and clean. Because i heard about story like if you convert the maps, they all have respawn again. Really bad for DD/DM maps... _________________________________________________________________ EDIT: Map converter dont work very good... 20% of the maps have respawn and the starting time is edited... idk how to edit it back, because in the meta.xml its correct... AND IMPORTANT PLEASE EDIT THE VECHICLE CHANGES you don´t blow up anymore, so like 40% of our maps don´t work anymore... we always used this small "jump" for elevators and shit like that... so pls edit it back. Thank you Gr. Flemm
  6. Hey guys... i know this is a old topic but i got a question. I tried to edit the trace script from sanzor, so just level 3 (or higher) admins can use it. Also all messages are shown in a pm now. But i got a problem (i use a PRS.EDIT so i tried it with $prs.level... but now if you type !trace you just can see this message: mta.pm $1 $2 Tracing $mta.nick($1,%a) $+ , please wait... Here is my "edit" on *:SIGNAL:mta.connect: { !.timer 1 2 mta.text $1 Sanzor´s (edited) !trace script connected } alias gusms.getid { var %id = 0 while (%id < 32) { if ($+(*,$2,*) iswm $mta.nick($1,%id)) !return %id !inc %id } } on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if ($3 == !info) mta.text $1 SanZoR's (edited) !trace script V1.0 elseif ($3 == !trace) || ($3 == !lookup) || ($3 == !location) { if ($prs.level($1,$2) >= 3) { var %a = $iif((!$4),$2,$iif(($gusms.getid($1,$4) == $null),$2,$v1)) mta.pm $1 $2 Tracing $mta.nick($1,%a) $+ , please wait... gusms.trace $1 %a } } } alias gusms.trace { set %gusms.trace $1 $2 if (!$sock(gusms.trace $+ $mta.ip($1,$2))) sockopen gusms.trace $+ $mta.ip($1,$2) 2ip.ru 80 } on *:SOCKOPEN:gusms.trace*:{ tokenize 32 %gusms.trace if ($sockerr > 0) { sockclose $sockname mta.pm $1 $2 Trace: An error has occured. } else { sockwrite -n $sockname GET /geoip/?ip= $+ $mta.ip($1,$2) HTTP/1.1 sockwrite -n $sockname User-Agent: MSIE 6.0 sockwrite -n $sockname Host: 2ip.ru sockwrite $sockname $crlf } } on *:SOCKCLOSE:gusms.trace*:{ unset %tr.* } on *:SOCKREAD:gusms.trace*:{ var %t sockread %t if (%go) { unset %go tokenize 32 %gusms.trace mta.pm $1 $2 $mta.nick($1,$2) $+ 's Location: $gettok(%t,2-,32) sockclose $sockname } if ([url=http://2ip.ru/flags/]http://2ip.ru/flags/[/url] isin %t) { set %go 1 } } I hope somebody can help me! It also would be cool if there is a cmd like !gtrace so its a $mta.text and all players can see it Gr. Flemm
  7. WannaKnow helped me... now it works! } elseif ($3 == !kick) { if ($prs.level($1,$2) >= $prs.kick($1)) { if ($prs.level($1,$2) > $prs.level($1,%a)) { mta.text $1 Kicking $mta.nick($1,%a) Reason: $iif($5,$5-,N/A) .timer 1 5 mta.kick $1 %a } else insuf $1 $2 } }
  8. YOU BROKE IT j/k then i wont edit !kick anymore
  9. ok scooby thanks !voteredo works and i also edit !redo so just level 4 can do it now but now i got a strange problem... if i edit the !kick command like you wrote it, then i cant kick anymore AND i can´t !votemap
  10. hey i will test it now btw i got a new question if a admin types !kick it should be like !kick sco afk Scooby got kicked Reason: afk i tried it $iif(%a >= $prs.kick($1),!kick -)$iif($4, Reason: $4-) it´s right?
  11. Hey guys.... i use a PRS-Edit for my server (i just edit !brb, !lag, etc...) but now i would like to have an !voteredo command. It should be like !votemap but you don´t have to type a map name... just !voteredo. All have to type !voteredo and if the vote-limit is reached and all died the map starts again. 1. Question it´s possible? 2. Question anybody would like top create it for me?