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  1. Hello, Guys, one of rP members made a comption for the new year. He will choose a player. and the chosen player will win 12$ He can Do anything with it donate in a server buy a game what ever he want. How to Join The [COMPETITION.] Follow The Rules. -Register @www.redproject.xyz -Use the following link for the topic Click here! -Like the topic -Choose a number (mustn't be used by another member) from 1 to 120 If one of the steps aren't completed another member will be chosen Good Luck For Everyone Happy New Year 2018! And Stay what you are! Stay tuned for more Best Wishes, RedProject staff
  2. Help in zmodler

    I wanna know how to add an image to the car model in zmodler
  3. [Help]How can i get DD binds?

    hello there, since i joined mta i started with DD but most of players have stronger hits that make me fly i asked one of them he told me binds can i get it and how i can add it to mta please?