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  1. Thanks for replying. I set Packet Tag "ON" on MTA settings and it worked without VPN but in the next day same problem "timeout". If there's an option to disable VOIP for UAE users than I can escalate this matter to Etisalat personally and maybe then some progress can happen. Regarding the cost, I wasn't aware that it would be this expensive...Thank you for your support but I guess we shouldn't pay them since this game is really old yet many plays it. I'll continue to use VPN as long my ping is stable.
  2. Hello MTA community, I am not sure if you are aware about this but UAE players will no longer be able to play on MTA servers unless VPN is used. (some different cities in UAE are able to play but after 10min of waiting or so however with noticeable timeouts and teleports). After extensive research and discussing with my ISP (Etisalat) on phone, the conclusion is that any games that has VOIP will be banned (port 80 is banned as well) and we will not be able to play it.However there's a chance in which a game developer/owner has to agree to certain conditions of UAE in order to attain
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