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  1. I think he might be talking about in-game chat commands? I dunno. Speaking of IRC, I think you guys should mask IPs on your IRC server.
  2. I agree, the ramming is just too much. Nothing like setting up for a stunt on your bike, just to get smashed by a firetruck. Even worse is when some other guy swipes the bike.
  3. I think a nick based /ignore feature would be best, seeing as IPs are probably only available to the admin, and clients are the ones who'll be using this feature. Also, it shouldn't be a permanent /ignore, just for the time you're on that server. /unignore or just typing /ignore again would be good as well.
  4. I sort of wish this topic hadn't drifted off track again. I was more or less looking for opinions in the form of civilized discussion than immature flames and whatnot. Was just a simple question as to how it's possible to "cheat" when there isn't any competition in a certain gametype. Seems as though people have a hard time reading the first post of a topic. I give up. vab.
  5. My stance is sort of clear but I guess I'll make it clearer. I'm fine with altering handling to have fun in stunt servers where there's no competition to possibly use cheats to win in. I however am against cheating to win any sort of competition, for example, on a DM server.
  6. Keep in mind that I'm not talking about map modifications; only handling changes. And also remember that I'm not talking about any situations where you could have an "advantage" by changing the handling of your cars. I mean no, you don't have the same vehicle attributes as the people who edit it do, but does that matter on a stunt server when the people are just trying to have fun by making bigger jumps?
  7. What I'm wondering is, why is it against MTA policy? I'd like to know why it's enforced in stunt servers.. I completely understand why it's enforced in DM, but not stunt.
  8. Yeah, it might be a problem for an admin or something.. but I think it's any players choice to not have to look at chat spam.
  9. Well I mean, why not post it? It's stupid but it's MTA related.. /me shrugs. Oh well.
  10. I understand where you're coming from but, really and truely all I play in MTA is stunt mode. Sure it makes me look like I'm a potential person to go and cheat in a DM server, but I still don't see the need to kick or ban from a stunt server on an unrelated issue such as DM.
  11. Yes, it does mean that they can do it in DM, but that doesn't mean that they do. This is less of a question as to what I should do on my server, more of a "what's your opinion on crc bypassing in stunt mode" deal.
  12. Yeah, I guess I did. Sorry for inflicting on any policy on posting new threads that I didn't catch.. I would have deleted the thread, but it doesn't seem that option is available through editing the first post? Oh well, sorry again.. mod delete this thread please, since it's going to cause a problem. Thanks.
  13. I think an /ignore "name" function would be very nice to have. Too often have I seen people spamming chat with nonsense and/or offensive material. Gets annoying after a while so, yeah. /ignore would be great :]
  14. Though this isn't a game mode, I think it'd be very nice to have.. an /ignore function, like in IRC, to ignore annoying voice chat spammers. Would be very nice :]
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