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  1. I have another Community called Vigour, quite big but our Development Time has decreased due to my Laptop breaking down, I can't do anything without it since it turns out weird on my PC and it's playing up. It's a Multigamemode we're looking for if possible, or 4 different servers which all link to each other contain the gamemodes Shooter, Deathmatch, Destruction Derby, Hunter etc, people can talk to each other from the different servers via Global Chat, Money/Exp linked to one Database - or - a Multigamemode. I can pay the Developer but not yet, since I'm still on Vacation, and my job's building is currently getting repaired so it'll be in 2018 March-April time that I'd be back into my job. So if there's anyone willing to help you can leave a message here or you can contact me on Discord - Lιgнт#6633 The site can be found here - http://vigour-gaming.com - http://forum.vigour-gaming.com Searching for someone who is dedicated enough to get it finished within a certain time limit, and gets it fully completed.
  2. [Roleplay] Neptune RP [English]

    So the first server was based in San Fierro, so I'm guessing this one's in Neptune? Anyways, hope you know what you're doing good luck, and none of your domains work, just checked and none of the 2 domains have been purchased both are currently available, you shouldn't do early releases. First get everything ready before you make any announcements.
  3. [REL] Music Player for your server

    You can find similar resources here - https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=list&name=music&descr=&category=
  4. Nerd Gaming Script Release (V1.1.4)

    Make sure that there is - <object name="user.Console" /> Under the Console group, and that it has privileges to the command - addaccount
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  9. Oh wow, these flat designs really caught my eye. Going to be checking this out today!
  10. [Roleplay] Liberty City Roleplay [English]

    Hey guys, It's been a while, we've just updated our Forums, to a more flat based theme, accounts have been reset, make sure to register to get a chance to be in the Early Access Group, and have an opportunity to visit the server before anyone else. Script Updates are also on their way, stay tuned on both the Forum and MTA Community Post, remember to register here - http://forums.lc-rp.com
  11. Project By - Vigour Gaming We are Liberty City Roleplay, a server based on Multi Theft Auto, a Multiplayer Modification of GTA: San Andreas. We started our project initally on the 12th March 2017, as we started to slowly work on building up a dedicated team, who were willing to participate within the server. We also started to start and set up our gamemode, writing down ideas, brain storming of how certain systems would function, and how it would be beneficial to our players. Our team currently consists of a few administrators and designers who are putting in their efforts to help grow the project, so we are searching for those who are willing to participate or help the project in some way to help increase the pace that we are working at. Our initial goal was to give players an immersive roleplay experience, provide and make something no other server yet has. As well this, make such features, that would engage our players with the Roleplay, keeping it strict at all times. As well as attempting to grow the Roleplay Community, within our server, by striving for success and staying dedicated. By having these initial goals in place, it allows us to follow a strict plan, and work on something direct, rather than scattering out our work and not being focused. Overall, our duty is to provide a friendly, working environment that our players would enjoy playing at. On your initial login, first preview of the server, you'd be asked to create your first character that you'd like to use; entering some basic character information that would affect your roleplay, and how your character would be displayed to others. Once you have created your character, you'll be given a brief introduction towards our server, learning the basic concepts, features and what you'd require to do, what rules you'd have to follow. A few screenshots, can be found below that may change your idea, and thoughts about us, we aim to provide something much unique, and different to any other Roleplay Server that is currently out there, - A normal uphill street, to allow you to drive smoothly like in San Andreas, with no sharp bumps or edges. As well as this, allow transport to be easier and simplified, with enough lanes to allow multiple traffic to get across to their required destinations. The old feel of Liberty City, with many other features, being added while we work. Our map has been constructed correctly, and is up-to-date with the latest Liberty City Map. We're also deciding to extend our current map by adding another city, which we will leave for another version once we're done with Liberty City. Also, you can find yourself houses, within Liberty City. You can purchase yourself a house, with garages etc. Many choices, and varieties for you to choose from, but as well as this, each house price varies depending on size. Once you purchase a house, you'll receive the basic necessities, in order for you to live a basic life. Our house system is a little bit different than the regular, including systems such as Water Systems, Electricity Systems and much more. You can also find yourself the bad side of Liberty City, criminal activities taking place, thugs and regular police incidents. It's better if you stay away from them, to stay out trouble and live a good, life. You have a choice to make, how you live your life, be yourself, and what you think would make a good character. Criminal activities can also be viewed from live camera footage, and used as evidence against you. If your character's intention is to roleplay a criminal, you must always avoid Liberty City's Police, as they handle such situations, very seriously. Script Screenshots (v0.10.0 #dev1) Website: http://lc-rp.com Forum: http://forums.lc-rp.com Discord: https://discord.gg/6NE2vHG