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  1. Happy Birthday PR! I don't know If I can say more than what Sugar said. But here is it, 10 years of PR development that I was only in 5% of it. The mod is going good but as Sugar said the life is hard and making the development process so slow as example I have my senior year this year. About the mod: It's going well it became more stable we have fixed many bugs we may not added very large-scale features and some bugs that we can't fix because of the core is old and based on system the makes fixing it not possible. We have some planned features and bugs to fix, but I always say to Sugar t
  2. LMAO, i joined the team soon, they sure left because of you
  3. Boys only no girls Happy Birthday PR! , looking to play it this year
  4. انا مفهمتك بردو المهم ان في حاجة اسمها جيت تخللي المبرجين يشتخلوا مع بعض
  5. ام تي فايس سيتس ما زالت تخت التطورير تحت فريق تاني, مفيش عربيبرمجوا سرفرات انا هناك ببرمج المود نفسه
  6. انا ليس لدي اي خبرة مع برمجة سرفرات ام تي اي سان اندريس لكن انا اعمل و ابرمج ام تي ايه فايس سيتي و 3 مش سيرفرات. مع المود نفسه هو فيه اقتراح ممكن ييفيد انت عايز تلم كل المبرمجين في مشروع واحد هيبقى في مشاكل و هي صعوبة الادارة زي ما قال Black بس مثلا المشاريع الكبيرة بيشتغلوا ازاي؟ في حاجة اسمها Git جيت المفروض معظمكم يكونون عرفينها هي لادارة النسخ يقدر كل واحد يشوف الكود عشان يتعلم, او يساعد, موضوع الجيت كبير و مقدرش اشرحه في بوست, اظن هو ده هيفيد.
  7. What I can say is the a lot of fixes have done by Callum , the game is 98% stable, we had a gameplay for 1 hour without any crash, i dont know if can say that but you can expect that surprise is comming
  8. Welcome all , well that is my first post in MTA forum , i was a fan of MTA VC, after these dead years , do you think it will return again or we have to be under VC:MP? VCMP version now is 0.4 is being good , but have bad sync system if you wanted to compare it with any multiplayer mod, they use RakNet. Like SAMP. So that topic is for : MTA III/VC will return again? Can MTA III/VC return again with another team of hobbyists? Idea of Source Code has been discussed before alot of times. and the answer was to make another project, so that will be the last answer to the
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