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  1. [Help] Neon Script time

    Is there a solution?
  2. [Help] Neon Script time

    how can I do it? I could see it working.
  3. [Help] Neon Script time

    I hope to tell you.
  4. [Help] Neon Script time

    Will you help me in this matter?
  5. [Help] Neon Script time

    Hi, ı have my problem. Neon is running at 00:00, ı run the time at 12:00. how can ı do?
  6. [HELP]Left message

  7. [HELP]Left message

    hi, I have a problem The message is moving right I do it left. Thank you for your help. px = 0 function makeTurn() local x,y = guiGetScreenSize() local x = x + 50 if px >= x then px = -x setMsg() else px = px + 13 end end function setMsg() if num == #msg then num = 1 else num = num + 1 end end ---- start = setTimer(makeTurn,50,0)