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  1. Icensow

    Detecting debug setting enabled

    It's possible. I saw it on some server. Players can disable server shaders (most of which are used to replace textures) using this setting. No, engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture return true.
  2. Icensow

    Detecting debug setting enabled

    Hello. Is there a way to detect that the player enabled any debug setting?
  3. Icensow

    Memory leak

    Hello, I got a problem with the consumption of RAM by my server (Linux 64bit). It starts to increase after some moment. I checked the use of RAM by server's resources, it's normal. Even if I stop all resources, it still continues to increase until I restart the server. Also sometimes this problem is accompanied by network delays. I tried to significantly reduce the number of players, but to no avail. I think, some person knows a exploit, that cause a memory leak, and abuses it. Could you tell me please, how can I solve this problem? Sorry for my bad english