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  1. It's possible. I saw it on some server. Players can disable server shaders (most of which are used to replace textures) using this setting. No, engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture return true.
  2. Hello. Is there a way to detect that the player enabled any debug setting?
  3. Hello, I got a problem with the consumption of RAM by my server (Linux 64bit). It starts to increase after some moment. I checked the use of RAM by server's resources, it's normal. Even if I stop all resources, it still continues to increase until I restart the server. Also sometimes this problem is accompanied by network delays. I tried to significantly reduce the number of players, but to no avail. I think, some person knows a exploit, that cause a memory leak, and abuses it. Could you tell me please, how can I solve this problem? Sorry for my bad english
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