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  1. Great work, guys. It is very rare for a fan-run project to keep going this long. MTA has become more than I ever hoped it could. I remember how excited I was the first time I read the MTA Blue page. I think I read it about 10 times in a row because I couldn't believe it.
  2. JonChappell

    Your MTA History!

    It's funny, I hung around the forums for a year or two before even playing MTA. Started with GTA3:MTA 0.3b but quickly moved onto the more advanced MTA:VC (think it was 0.3c or something). Then a long time later, MTA 0.5 came out, but I mainly played GTA3 rather than VC. Then I beta-tested Race and tested DM when it came out. I didn't play Race much in public servers. Then unfortunately time became a problem for me (and the lack of a Windows PC) so I had to kind of give it up.
  3. The easiest way to do this is just to duplicate your SA installation folder and install one version to one folder and one to the other. Installing them in the same place would cause conflicts. But I would imagine that a talented coder will probably create a Race clone for DM sooner or later anyway.
  4. Thanks guys. I appreciate it. I think I've been on this site since I was 15 or 16. Sad, I know. P.S. I haven't been around much lately due to work commitments. Playing and testing is difficult for me as I no longer have access to a Windows machine (I use Macs for work) but I hope to be around the forums more often than I have been.
  5. The team are focusing on the large bugs. The reason why they are fixing things like fades are because it's a 5 min job to do it and if you notice a problem and it's quick and easy to fix, why not fix it? It's not like it's going to make a difference to the release date. People read too much into the changelogs which is why we never offered them in the past. In summary, we don't need any more testers and the people in the original thread should have been nicer (although I can see their point as this same question has been asked every day for the past 4 years, nearly 5 now). We give testing rig
  6. Semi-public means invitation only.
  7. Beta is something that we're discussing right now, trying to figure out the best way of doing it.
  8. iPhone has push email too, via Yahoo, but it makes no difference anyway because it has no bandwidth charges for data (the main reason why I rarely use my current phone's WAP). 1. Oh my god, how will the world go on without MP3 ringtones? 2. See #1. Not an essential feature. 3. Yeah, I can see this as an issue for some people more than others. 4. It has really good battery life, even with Bluetooth and Wifi activated. But I have to ask - have you ever changed the battery on your current phone? Most people haven't, they just charge it when it runs out, so this isn't a major issue.
  9. So what you actually meant to say was: As for me, I really don't care about games or ringtones or taking millions of high quality photos (if you want high quality pics why are you looking at phone cameras in the first place?) but I like the iPhone for the following reasons: 1. I know for a fact it will work with my Mac 2. It's really well-made. That thing's not going to break easily 3. It's intuitive, UNLIKE my current phone where I spend ages going through the menus trying to find what I want 4. It has "proper" internet (albeit without Flash or Java but that's an easy software upgrade
  10. I challenge you to scratch the thing. It's pretty hard. I saw a video where they beat up an iPhone and at the end of it, the chrome was worn but the screen was still in perfect condition. It's premium grade glass and the thing is built like a rock. That's what you're paying for (also why you can't remove the battery, I'd imagine).
  11. Ok, how can every single phone ever made beat the iPhone when very few of them have all of the features you mentioned? The iPhone beats other phones in terms of phoning people, which is the whole point of buying a phone in the first place.
  12. Well, it hasn't got many features but the features it does have are done well (UNLIKE my current phone), although I was disappointed at the lack of Flash support in Safari but that's an easy software update when the time comes.
  13. JonChappell


    So.... anyone queue up for 10 hours on Friday to buy one? I would have, if I was there.
  14. What people don't seem to understand is that scripting severely complicates the whole testing and debugging process. If everyone's clients crash, is it a single player bug or limitation? Is it a bug in MTA's code? Is it a bug in the Lua interpreter? Is it a bug in the script? Is it a bug in the map? Is it a bug in the resource? I haven't played SA-MP yet but I've heard a couple of people say they found it unstable. I don't know if they speak for the majority or not, but I think that highlights just how difficult the development and testing process is for both teams. People have higher expecta
  15. Well, it's scriptable so it's anything you want it to be, not just DM.
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