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  1. [OFFERING] Scripting Services [Non-Paid]

    Looking for a new RPG project. If you are creating a new RPG server then contact me for scripting (Non-Paid).
  2. gang system

    https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=1514 This is the gang panel with most feature on community. However, you asked for other features too which this panel don't have but remember you can get every feature you expect for free.
  3. [LF] Developer and Staff [Paid/Unpaid]

    We are still looking for " Paid Developers " if you are interested then contact me.
  4. Help me with this issue,its getting annoying!!!

    Post the screenshot of the page where you have forwarded ports
  5. Help me with this issue,its getting annoying!!!

    Are you using WiFi to open ports? If yes, then ports doesn't open on WiFi
  6. Get Vehicle's Maxspeed handing in Miles / Hour

    kmh = math.floor(actualspeed*180) -- Kilometer per hour mph = math.floor(actualspeed * 111.847) -- Miles per hour
  7. GTA 4

    The MTA team don't have enough developers for this big project.
  8. Help me with this issue,its getting annoying!!!

    Yeah, try it
  9. Help me with this issue,its getting annoying!!!

    Okay, first of all remove the old ports then go to mtaserver.conf and change the server port and http port ( increase both of them by 1) and try opening port again, it may work.
  10. Help me with this issue,its getting annoying!!!

    Maybe your IPv4 address has changed. Open the cmd and type ipconfig and check what your IPv4 address is.
  11. [LF] Developer and Staff [Paid/Unpaid]

    Basically @Uknown., we will give you tasks and every task has points. For example the Inventory system has 5 points and you have completed it then you will have 5%. So in server income you will get 5%.
  12. [RPG] SAWB:RPG [English]

    Why don't you share some screenshots ?
  13. [LF] Developer and Staff [Paid/Unpaid]

    Join our discord: https://discord.gg/h9zvugz and we should discuss about scripts and payment in detail, thanks.
  14. How to Fix Lags?

    First of all this is not the right section. Secondly, go to settings in MTA SA then set the resolution to 800x600, it would result in +2 FPS nothing much. I would recommend you to buy a used graphic card not too expensive which is the only way to get more FPS
  15. [REL] Statistics System

    Put this all info in a GUI or DX and put some more info such as Account name , Armor etc