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  1. Please check it out 


  2. [REL] Las Venturas DeathMatch Gamemode

    Really nice, good job.
  3. Hello guys, my name is Unknown-Guy, I am staff of Nexus Games RPG. Nexus Games RPG which is still under development but we have completed the major part of work because we have a a smartphone, jobs, Shops etc but still there are a few bugs and a little work to do, and someone who can look for bugs for free. If you are a beginner developer, you still can help us by joining our team and remember we never would put pressure upon you and we will give you the sufficent time to do work. To contact me, please leave a post below or message me. Thanks Regards The Nexus Games Staff.
  4. Hello guys, I have been scripting in LUA for 1 and half year. I am doing Software Engineering and its my 7th semester and currently my university is off. So as my university is off so I would like to script for a server without taking money. Contact me using forum messages. Regards Unknown-Guy. Some of my code so u can see how good i am; function vehicleExplode () setTimer( destroyElement, 500, 1, source) end addEventHandler ( "onVehicleExplode", getRootElement(), vehicleExplode ) script to destroy vehicles when exploded and.. function admtt (thePlayer) if ( getTeamName(getPlayerTeam(thePlayer)) == "Staff" ) then local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer ) if ( vehicle ) then setElementVelocity ( vehicle,0,0,0) end end end addCommandHandler("superb", admtt) superbrake Thats great code isnt it? On community i am: https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=profile&id=438797 check in future