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  1. I just finished playing the new release with a large group of buddies at my store http://www.ricecs.com/store3.jpg . we had ~15 people on the server, which was hosted locally over the LAN. I didn't bother to test it before the game started, and I was a little worried, while reading through the forums hearing about all of the supposed crashing. But after ~6 hours of playing we had NO and I repeat NO errors, freezeups or anything related to the game. Not sure if it matters, but all of the systems are on 1.1. would it matter if some players on the server were 1.0 and others 1.1? In fact whi
  2. From my understanding there were legal Bios` I think one of them is the cromwell linux.not 100% on name, but i am almost 100% on the fact there is one. and after that i thought it was teh same if you owned the game it was cool. Kind of getting away from the original subject now though
  3. First I want to start with letting you guys know that I think you are doing a AWESOME job with the MTA system. But my question was, with all the progress that seems to be going on with xbox mods as far as getting windows to run on it, you guys ever think of making a client,or porting the current client, for the xbox version of Vice City? That is a venture if you were going to do, that I would LOVE to help out with.
  4. excellent, thank you actually looking to do 4 with 26, but if this is all i can do so be it. can just do some testing too
  5. I have a true 100Mb line, and I am looking to run at least one MTA server off of it, but would defintely want to run more, with the allowable players at max (26) how many servers do you think you can run before lag seriously kicks in?
  6. I am my own provider, I am run directly from MCI. In process of making a fiber ISP, but currenly have colo, and webhosting. But thanks for the answer none the less.
  7. uh I do know what I am talking about. I was talking more specifically for a LAN when I mentioned Gigabit, and I have a 100Mb line for internet. and either way, just saying i don't know what I am talking about, doesn't answer my question.
  8. Maybe in the next release, there could be 2 versions, one designed for smaller slower connections where max could be 26 (which I think is the number it is now), but maybe another with ones with a higher local LAN speed, maybe gigabit, or a high internet 100Mb. where there could be a higher amount of users on at once.
  9. I was under the influence that MTAVC is a Open-Source, or something of a similar nature. I was just wondering why there is no available download for the source code to MTAVC?
  10. could there be any way a server could implement a city mod ( like the one for the original GTA3 called South Side Ghetto). Where someone spent alot of time adding more buildings that you could walk in with stair cases etc. just making it more realistic and interactive. I don't know much about programming but i think if the server hosted the map or there was an update as long as every server used it i think it could be integrated rather easy.
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