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  1. i have idiea,, Why to not make a lonly army guns like GUNS ONLY FOR USSR GUNS ONLY FOR USA GUNS ONLY FOR ITALY GUNS ONLY FOR BRITISH like italy army in the game can have MP40 , but in the war italy wasnt have this gun ,
  2. ein server is updateing 350 mb is this a new update or what?
  3. why no players? server with this mods must be famous. nobody can found a servers with this mods in this days,,
  4. hey ein i have a suggestion can you made a Flare Gun with a strong guns you can chose like PUBG Drop iam pubg mobile player now but i will back to saaw so soon maybe you can made a something like battleground mode?
  5. they made a sucker server .. nobody join i tell them to not they add T90 to the german army lol :"D they add MA12 Abramaz to Sovit army :"DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  6. some arabic pepole made a sever with SAA2 name and they add your guns and your tanks , planes
  7. i dont understand why let hawk be the helper .. he just faggout
  8. pls let sommy back @Einheit-101 sommy tell me he didnt advertising other servers he just play in anothr server and some one told him and he ban sommy
  9. @Einheit-101 Why stalingrad reloaded is for USA and Japnes Army why no USSR V German army?? it's will be cool
  10. yaay <3 el Alamein map iam egyptian and i am going to el Alamein
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