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  1. help me please

    First of all can you explain better? I can't understand what you mean
  2. How can I edit my draw distance?

    delete system32
  3. Why this show all clients`?

    function ShowControlPanel(seat) seat = getPedOccupiedVehicle (localPlayer) vehiclee = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) if (vehiclee) and getPedOccupiedVehicleSeat (localPlayer) == 0 and localPlayer == localPlayer then bool = not bool showCursor(bool) guiSetVisible(ControlPanel,bool) end end bindKey("F2","up",ShowControlPanel) --why this qui show all players? This is clientside and Should show only localplayer
  4. guiCreateMemo fix

    I never use community resources. I wanna learn lua and that not gonna happend if I use comminity:~
  5. guiCreateMemo fix

    Infobox = guiCreateMemo(sWidth/700, sWidth/800, sWidth, sHeight,'How I can listen music from youtube?\n\nFirst open interner browser then go to site called dropbox( and sing in or sing up.\nThen go to youtube and searche your song.\nWhen you are decided your song go to and but your song url to convert box.(Make sure you have "mp3" selected).',false,howToCreateSpeaker) I try to make helpbox but lower resolutions this not show correct. How i can fix this?
  6. attachElements not work!

    attachElement not work. i dont know how i can solve this This clientside script is called by server root but still not work all player only who play music hear that unction startMusicFinally(Playerx,Playery,Playerz,MusicLink,MusicPlayer) Vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle (localPlayer) if Vehicle then stopSound(speakerSound [localPlayerName]) speakerSound [localPlayerName]= playSound3D(MusicLink,Playerx,Playery,Playerz,true) attachElements(speakerSound [localPlayerName],Vehicle,0,0,0.5) attachTimer = setTimer(KeepSound,50,0) else stopSound(speakerSound [localPlayerName]) speakerSound [localPlayerName]= playSound3D(MusicLink,Playerx,Playery,Playerz,true) end end function KeepSound() attachElements(speakerSound [localPlayerName],Vehicle,0,0,0.5) end
  7. I don't know how to solve this error.

    How i can stream music from youtube?
  8. I don't know how to solve this error.

    I don't changed any code. I add spaces like you see. And I dont need check Fileexist beacuse its link or i don't know what you mean
  9. I get always error when i try play sound all player. Sound work localplayer but other clients get error: Clientside: function eventHandler() if source == test then triggerServerEvent("PlaySelectedMusic",resourceRoot,guiGetText(editBox),localPlayer) end end function FinallyPlaySound() x,y,z = getElementPosition(localPlayer) sound = playSound3D(guiGetText(editBox),x,y,z, true) end Serverside: function test(message) triggerClientEvent( "PlaySoundAll",root) outputChatBox(message) end
  10. local connectedPlayers = getElementsByType ( "player" ) for i, aPlayer in ipairs(connectedPlayers) do bindKey ( aPlayer, "x", "down",SuperStop) end WHy this script not start working when player join? always need to restart script.
  11. why that not work?

    Now i fix those but still not work! local fakboi = dxCreateTexture("dream.png") function kana() dxDrawImage3D(-2289.07007, -1627.28430, 483.75891, 20, 20, fakboi, tocolor(255,255,255,255)) end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, kana)
  12. why that not work?

    Whyt that script not work? gives that error: local troll = dxCreateTexture("trollface.png") function kana() dxDrawImage3D(-2289.07007, -1627.28430, 483.75891, 20, 20, fakboi, tocolor(255,255,255,255)) end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, kana)
  13. How to become a professional scripter?
  14. Why warpPlayerIntoVehicle not work?

    but i cant warp players with that
  15. Why warpPlayerIntoVehicle not work? function start(hitElement) pelaaja = hitElement for i,v in pairs(Kohteet) do Player = getLocalPlayer() Nimi = guiGridListGetItemText (MissionList, guiGridListGetSelectedItem (MissionList ), 1) KoodiNimi = guiGridListGetSelectedItem (MissionList ) payout = guiGridListGetItemText (MissionList, guiGridListGetSelectedItem (MissionList ), 2) if KoodiNimi > 0 then Rekka = createVehicle (515,2451.3999023438,-2091.6999511719,14.699999809265,0,0,90) Vaunu = createVehicle (435,2460.6591796875,-2091.369140625,14.193350791931,0,0,90) warpPlayerIntoVehicle (player,Rekka) outputChatBox("Destination: "..(Nimi).." Payout: "..payout.."$",0,255,0) if KoodiNimi == 1 then