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  1. qing

    Binds getting removed

    So I wanted to make the letter M create binds and to remove them by the letter N as follows: /bind M bind R command1 /bind M bind E command2 /bind N unbind R command1 /bind N unbind E command2 it worked fine but when I quit the game and reopen the application again these specific binds get removed and my other binds stay there (as intended) so I guess it's a bug? cuz I always have to re do it again every time I open mta and leaving the server doesn't do anything however quitting mta sa seems to delete the binds for some reason. please fix.
  2. qing

    Constant Buffering

    Whenever I'm on a server, it constantly buffers every now and then. During that timeout I'm unable to move or do anything. It's like that buffering that occurs whenever you join a server until the server loads certain assets and then you spawn except it happens during gameplay. Why's this happening? and how can I fix it? Cheers
  3. qing


    Could you clarify how via an example?
  4. qing


    is there a way to bind a key to teleport me X units instead of teleporting me to the specific location: ex. /bind G sp x x x+3 (every time you press G it teleports you ahead 3 units) instead of /bind G sp x x 3 (which shifts your pos. to Z = 3 ) Is this possible or it isn't?
  5. qing

    /color command?

    hello, just a quick question: there is a command " /color [ColorID] " I tried " /color RRGGBB " -nothing I tried " /color #FF0000 " (hex form) AND " /color FF0000 " (without # ) I really need to know how to use it in the correct way, if anyone knows I would appreciate your help!
  6. qing


    if you know /freecam command.. can I know how can I freeze the camera .. or if you could .. write all the realted commands for it ?
  7. qing

    Freeze command

    I am not talking about a code or my server .. its just an ordinary other server explaining: 1. : /player does "/fz" 2. : player does "/(Command I wanna know) 3" ---> moves the player "up-down-left-right" 3 feet I want to know the command
  8. qing

    Freeze command

    so there is a command "/fz" which obviously freezes you until you do "/fz" again.. how can I move while frozen , I don't mean to run or walk .. I mean , I see players go up while they are frozen.. they told me they use some type of a command idk .. but it pushes them one step forward or backward , upwards or downwards as they want.. so basically its a command , I need to know it cheers, qing
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