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  1. Ow nvm i forgot about root doing it to all.. lol Thanks once again!. Gr.xboxxxxd
  2. Hey qaisjp, thanks for your answer, also you know a way to freeze a vehicle on spawn (xml format, mapping). Gr.xboxxxxd
  3. Hi there person, I need some help figuring out how to progress and finish up a script (idea to reality), but i can't find a way to do it on my own, So can sombady help me out, Here's the code. CLIENT: addEventHandler("onClientVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), function (thePlayer, seat) if thePlayer == getLocalPlayer() then triggerServerEvent ("Freeze", resourceRoot) end end ) addEventHandler("onClientVehicleExit", getRootElement(), function (thePlayer, seat) if thePlayer == getLocalPlayer() then triggerServerEvent ("Freeze", resourceRoot) end end )
  4. If you want to use a OOP being loaded and/or used within a new resource, while this OOP is not inside the new resource, you could do 2 things out of my knowledge: as example we use; the OOP resource you want to use is called 'ExistingOOP', and now you want to use it in your new resource, so... 1. Simply just Copy the 'ExistingOOP' Folder, and rename the copy'd ExistingOOP folder to your liking, then from there on, code whatever you where intended to do, like just use the same resource, but modify it. or.. 2. Create a new folder, call it for example 'NewOOP',
  5. I prefer to never zip it, like i do, until you find a way to extremely compress a .zip file for a lower download or such, only then i would start using .zip files. But on the date of today.. no results finding any way to extremely compress .zip's without breaking it's files to execute on a server.. Also how i think about compressing mta server resources, for example: i got tons of resource's, together it's about 1,4GB, if i would be able to compress it into 200MB or so, i would do that.. for sure!.. EDIT: I also know this 'is' possible, ive played like 4/5 yea
  6. Hello there Humans , a week or 2 ago i downloaded a resource from the resource community (https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources), And it's a Groundpickups resource, it was outdated, like bugs appeared when i started using it and testing it, i thought by myself, let's fix these render bugs and outdated functions, alright, about 1 week later i got it fixed, i uploaded it to the resource community, BAM.. no problem!.. But like an hour or 2 later, ccw (an administrator) suspended it, while it's nearly the same piece of code like as that of GroundPickup
  7. Hmm let's not close it yet.. I now got another tricky problem: ive noticed that its madness to change alot of value's and settings with the zombies resource, with createZombie, so now i want to use the 'slothbot' resource, and do basicly the same as with createZombie from zombies resource, but.. as i am intending to add more boss event's, i also want to merge all the boss event's into 1 EventHandler, for Slothbot it's "onBotWasted", the same type of EventHandler as onZombieWasted, also, the Creation of these boss event's are already done. (If you wonder:
  8. Hey pa3ck. Thanks for your answer, the main problem was i didnt had arguments set up in the function behind the onZombie/NemesisWasted Event, Thats why i didnot succeed in making this work.. But now i had the problem with sync'ing up the agruments of onZombieWasted, ahh well.. Just Cloned it and added a 1 after the functions name. And about the Server <> Server and Client <> Client Event Triggers, i already knew that, but i used it the wrong way by using it as a shared library instead of a collab of code, So after all of that i managed to merge both .l
  9. [Alright, first of all: I just joined the Forums, so if i do anything wrong, just tell me.] Ok, so i got a problem, it's about an event i want to trigger on a certain amount of zombie's, or on a certain timer, that's all fine and such.. But, i want to merge some event's into a resource called "zombies", like the 'onZombieWasted' event, but then for a seperated Event, What i mean with that is i want to have a new 'onNemesisWasted' event working together with the 'onZombieWasted', but they need to sync up with the (if possible exported) createZombie function from the "zombies
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