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  1. yesterday nite (Europe time) we went to an english server, the HH (hopelessheroes I think)... The TuD clan was there....with 400mph speeding cars... when I started to talk to them, they told me they were not cheatin' and that they created the cars...I told them that even if they were god, cheating on a server is just $^*ùù$*$*.... One of them, TuD Doc, told me speeding @400mph dont make him better...But aiming pplz with cars@400mph kill in one hit, so... There were other guyz, the CNP clan, they saw the cheaters (they can confirm what im saying, I think, cause they were as upset as me) I
  2. in France, DSL is pretty much reliable... all cable users are on a same ring, so more pplz connected, less bandwidth for each guy... dsl here is the best way
  3. I'm mad @pplz getting upset to the dev team... what do u think guyz ? we can all play late games in ISO, we can all have trainers on every f....ing sites, what do u think about ? that the MTA team, which is a group of GTA fans developping a free mod can stop all the cheaters ?????? stupid... sorry to cut the ambiance, but stop the complain tone... The MTA guyz gave us the possibility of what we all dreamt about, I mean a GTA:VC multi ! cheating is everywhere, in everygame, the fist to tell me it's wrong can have my foot freely in the ass, really deep !!!!!! Im what pplz call a hardcore
  4. SHOTGUN !!! SHOTGUN !!! SHOTGUN !!! SHOTGUN !!! SHOTGUN !!! SHOTGUN !!! ooooops sorry
  5. I think u surestimate the speed of apache fly speed I dont quote the rest of your text, pplz will think I spam the forum I just want to say it's not a lack of imagination... Imagine what u said, I mean a server with 32 pplz... Do u really think the apache pilot will be alone without friends ? He rockets enemies, U try to dodge, u die, ur friends shoot@it, they down it but meanwhile his friends kill yours... Or u fly over the big avenue (I dunno names, but the big one that go from port to stadium)...fly fast, just shoot rockets while flying fast, it's like a B52 bombing I mean, I kno
  6. DeLuXxX

    IP Conflict

    I shared my dsl connection last week end... We were 3, 2 guyz with me in LAN, just connected with a hub... There were no problem @all... All of us used ASE, all of us played in the same server... There were no lag, but we had a few more crashs than usual (but really a few, not many) EDIT : here are the setts we used on LAN : - All on a same workgroup - Dynamic IPs - All comps under XP pro - The connection were shared simply : properties/sharing/allow users blabla.....and that's all (no router, no Idunnowhat) - All comps were AMD XP 2000+ with 1Gb RAM (me) and 512Gb (2 others)... - M
  7. hehehe, 1 or 2 seconds if u shoot from 1km....If i missile u from 200m u can dream about ur 2 seconds...it'll be more like 1/2 sec... it's not depending of the speed of the apache...I mean the missiles are shot and that's it, whenever u fly @100mph or are in a static phase... So we're gonna have a new camp mode : after "spawn camp" to kill, we'll have a "dodge missile camp" and action will be centered on a few areas on the map... seriously, dont think u can avoid it... I mean, everybody is not a real pilot, but this one is really easy to fly and shoot with...With little practice, an apac
  8. comparing a spawn killer and a "chat killer" is just dumb... talk with micros, chat when ur safe, but godamnit dont be mad @guyz killing u when u chat...how many alt tabbers are annoying games... Did u ever play other games such as CS or aok ? You are here to have fun with friends and kill enemies, no matter what they do... I mean who cares if u r peeing, preparing a sandwich or coffee, or chatting ?
  9. OK, i think i maybe dont get it... u click on connect, what your comp is doing exactly from there ? it launch the game ? it freezes ? it reboots all alone ?
  10. is the terratec bugging only with mta:vc or with all 3D games ?
  11. I dont see concrete advantages to add this feature, but if all are happy with it, let's go for it ! I mean, I'll kill them first what about a "kill the chatters" mode ?
  12. in deathmatch, I wonder how u all believe u can shoot 15 bullets into the apache... I mean, it comes, it shoots 2 or 3 missiles, u all dead (the missiles explodes, so it's like fucking powerful grenades)... How do u want to shoot@it about 20 bullets ? anyway, the fugitives scenario seems to be great
  13. nobody can make me believe that most of the online gamers are running a pc under 98 or Me...
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