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  1. Helpp!!! Animation Auto Stop

    hello the animation not start with the timer The animation stops the timer but does not start after the other 10 seconds function animation(source) setPedAnimation( source, "ped", "gas_cwr") setTimer(pararanim, 5000, 2, source) end addCommandHandler ("toxic", animacion) function stopanimation(tp) setPedAnimation(tp,false) setTimer(animacion, 10000, 1) end
  2. Hi, can you help me? I want this animation to start and stop at 5 seconds and at 10 seconds to return the animation function animacion(source) setPedAnimation( source, "ped", "gas_cwr") setTimer(pararanim,5000,1) end addCommandHandler ("toxic", animacion) function pararanim(tp) setPedAnimation(tp,false) setTimer(animacion,3000,1) end addCommandHandler ("parar", pararanim) setPedAnimation( source, "GANGS", "prtial_gngtlkB", 1, false, true, true, true, false ) setTimer(function() setPedAnimation(source, false) end, 1000, 1) Try doing it with timers but not for animation