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  1. Hello community, I have CrystalMV's traffic system and i need to make it responsive - peds will respond to being aimed at, will jump out of path of car, will get angry if attacked (not always) and will check for collisions, so if they hit something or someone they simply go around it and continue it's path. They're just dumb as hell. I'm willing to pay up to 20$ (for now). (PaySafeCard or another payment option). Thanks!
  2. Thank you! I was really confused about it.
  3. Hello people, I need your help. I was getting "Attempting to index global (nil value)" a lot in past, but i have solved them, somehow. I really don't know why those errors appear. I even separated each event to single files, doesn't help anyway. Code: function loadWeaponsOnSpawn() local ped = source local account = getPlayerAccount(source) local weapon0 = getAccountData(account,"weapon0") local weapon1 = getAccountData(account,"weapon1") local weapon2 = getAccountData(account,"weapon2") local weapon3 = getAccountData(account,"weapon3") local weapon4 = getAccountData(accoun
  4. Hello there, can anyone provide me list of peds scream voices? I combined my AI, slothbot and crystalmv's ai system to make one great lol And i really need people to scream :))
  5. I have solved it. On some line i had a variable that was not a local one, so it was calling it (i don't know why it was even doing it lol) (the global variable).
  6. Hello guys... I have big problem with my em... Mr. Error.... A weird error occurs when checking for player level (comparing player's wanted level with number. But huh. tonumber(wl) doesn't work either, where wl stands for player's level...) Basically, im going to paste full police code for all servers, so you can use it on your server (after fixing it, of course) criminals = createTeam ("Criminals", 255, 0, 0 ) citizens = createTeam ("Citizens", 0, 0, 255 ) -- Instruções para eles não atacarem-se entre si (ou não) setTeamFriendlyFire (getTeamFromName("Citizens"), false ) setTeamF
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