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  1. C'mon, you guys are diverting from the topic. I mean can't something be done about it? If the servers with 0 players are inactive for a certain time, they can be pulled off. Or maybe a server has to have a certain number of players for atleast a certain time in order to keep running. I mean something like this can be done, right? Especially the empty servers should definitely be shut down. Makes no sense to keep them running.
  2. Wouldn't they enjoy more if they join any of those popular servers and contribute?The player numbers would drastically increase making the game more fun. What do you think?
  3. Hello All, I'm a new player of MTA and something came under my notice. I see hundreds of servers going empty or have very few players in them like 15-20. I feel that is a complete waste of players, servers, time and the hardworks of the creators of those particular servers. I am not advertising any particular server here. Why don't you guys join servers which are popular, have plenty of people, have various other game modes. Now you might be thinking why should you do so? Its ok, you want to make something of your own idea, something unique and creative. But you can also do that
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