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  1. Hey all, sorry for bumping this topic once again. We’ve organized a tournament which we’d like to invite every single one of you to participate in. https://forum.vultaic.com/index.php?/topic/311-last-survivor-info-registration/
  2. Sorry for bumping, edited the thread.
  3. Sorry for the delay, edited the details. You can follow our changelog here.
  4. Server Details IP address: mtasa:// Site: http://vultaic.com/ Roster: https://forum.vultaic.com/index.php?/staff/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/HFFHUP Server Features Single account You need only one forum account to use it everywhere. Register here. Several gamemodes to play on We current have a total of 8 gamemodes: Deathmatch, Destruction Derby, Race, Shooter, Hunter, Training and Team Deathmatch; 12 arenas: Deathmatch, Old School, Destruction Derby, Destruction Derby: Fun, Race, Shooter, Shooter: Jump, Hunter, Training: Deathmatch, Training: Race, Team Deathmatch, Garage. Fluent gameplay We offer a fluent gameplay without any lag spikes or FPS drops. Also our map loader gives you an advanced map load speed. Probably the fastest one among MTA racing communities. Several garage upgrades to improve your vehicle's visual - Colors: You can change your primary, secondary and headlights' color. - Tints: You can switch between 3 different window tints and recolor them. - Wheels: You can switch between 17 different custom rims and recolor them. - Body parts: You can change your infernus' bumpers, side skirts, roof, lights and spoilers. - Stickers: You can paint your vehicle with the stickers from our catalog. Controls are easier than you think. - Lights: You can switch between custom & dynamic lights. (Dynamic lights are animated according to the music) - Overlays: You can make an addition to your stickers with overlays. (Overlays are animated according to the music) - Neons: You can make a more advanced visual with neons. Clans You can manage your clan however you want: - Promotions: You can promote your members to leader rank. Leaders can invite people into your clan. - Demotions: You can demote your members. Anti-delay Our core was coded with an anti-delay support, which means whenever you take a top-time, it won't have any addition caused by your ping/network delay. Live radio streams You can listen to our DJs' streams whenever you want. Language chats No more foreign language spam on arena chats. You can use your language chat to talk with your people from your country. Training toptimes You can get toptimes in our training arenas unlike any other server. (Note: These tops are seperated from the main arenas) Screenshots/videos
  5. Black screen on quit/tab as a Windows 10 user? READ FIRST!

    Sorry for bumping the thread. I just had this issue (pressing alt+tab made me get stuck with a black screen) and fixed it by following these steps: Locate to your GTA folder. Find "gta_sa.exe" and rename it to something else (random.exe f.e.) Open command prompt as administrator from your start menu. Now run the following command; mklink "Your GTA File Location\gta_sa.exe" "Your GTA File Location\random.exe" It should work now. Source: http://forum.gamerxserver.com/forum/samp-server-188-165-219-63-8800/questions-and-answers/tutorials/7641-fix-your-alt-tab-blackscreen-in-windows-10 My operating system is Windows 10 Pro (x64), GPU is AMD Radeon RX480.
  6. Hello, dear community members. Today, I am going to show you my training script. It was made few months ago by me but since I don't own a clan or community I don't need it and I decided to sell it. I am selling it because I am in need of money. It has features such as; Supports only DM maps for now (possible to add another gamemodes such as DD, Race for a few price) Http map downloader and sound streamer (Http is better for your server's cpu) Map selector (view with 'F1" - makes you leave the current map) Toptimes with anti-delay (toggle with 'F5') Simple hud with map name, time passed and health bar (use 'O' to hide health bar) Warp manager ('/sw' - save, '/lw' - load, '/dw' - destroy latest warp, you can load other players' warps) Spectating other players (use '/spec' [player name] - only if you are driving the same map with him, press 'enter' to stop spectating) Automated ghostmode Car fade (toggle with 'F2') Deco hider (toggle with 'N') Showing invisible objects (toggle with 'I') Custom radar (toggle with 'F7') Custom scoreboard (hold 'tab' to view) Toggling map musics (toggle with 'M') Auto map refresh every 3 hours ('/refreshmaps' to refresh manually) Anti spam Requirements: An external web server to download map contents (elements, scripts, files...) and stream map musics (yes, musics won't be downloaded) Admin rights for resource called 'training' (to refresh resources - check feature #15) Admin rights for resource called "mapmanager" (to load meta files from maps) Previews: Map selector Toptimes Radar & map name Scoreboard Health & nitro bars Overall view (all in one) Don't forget: That it is an old script, some mini bugs might appear (you can contact me anytime to get help) You can't use this script on a game-host (you need an external web server - check requirement #1) What is the price? Open source (100 euro) You can edit every single resource and remove credits. But you can't sell nor share it. Compiled with full support - (any kind of bug will be fixed by me and you'll receive the updates) (60 euro) You can't edit anything, just ask me and I'll help. You can't sell nor share it. Basicly no one is able to sell this resource (or any included resource from it) without my permission. Contacts: Skype: phantom2287 Telegram: @miragemta Discord: Mirage#2066 Please inform me that you are interested in this script while sending friendship request. IMPORTANT: Communities that are using this resource without permission: - The Favoured Few -
  7. Originally posted by Reazzon, here. Movements Hey! Hey! Today I'm presenting you this piece of beauty called Movements by Legion, Esp4wN n' Mirage. Lovely and warm/cosy nature decorations combined with a kind-of skilled and challenging track gives it a nice feel while playing by these talented mappers! Loved it and I'm sure you will do too. Sorry if there are lags occurring, had some problems while recording and hope they aren't too noticeable.►MusicT & Sugah - Sleepless (feat. MVE) ►CreditsInfernus by @Micra Lights by @NitroN