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  1. Blingu

    Mods for MTA

    This is why I suggested making addons for MTA, that will be included to the MTA project and possible to download by players. Mods like these are open source and you can control the source code entirely, the only thing that a player can change is whether he wants to use PS2/PC/Xbox shading and anything like this. Imagine it a tab called addons in the MTA menu, where you can install some addons provided by MTA.
  2. Blingu

    Mods for MTA

    This is what I'm talking about, and mods like Widescreen Fix and SkyGFX are open source and available to use, so it shouldn't be a problem to port it over because there is already working code.
  3. As I've been playing MTA and SAMP for some time now I've noticed that some people don't want to switch over to MTA due to the lack of possibility to install mods on MTA (mostly .asi/.dll). Eventhough I know how MTA is more advanced and richer in features than SAMP, it's just silly we can't have mods like Widescreen Fix or SkyGFX on MTA. I once made a suggestion to allow mods like these, but this is how it ended: - I got told to post the widescreen issue on Github. I did so one year ago and it was added to the backlog, since then nothing happened. (https://github.com/multitheftauto/mta
  4. Can MTA devs please implement a function that will let you change the initial size of the original HUD?
  5. Hi, what about if MTA could verify .asi files added by players in their root folder so they couldn't be used for cheating purposes? Once a player runs MTA the .asi files would be checked and mods that may be used for cheating could be blocked. Additionally only some verified quality .asi mods could be used made by known modders such as the Widescreen Fix or SkyGFX. So, if there's no proper .asi mod listed in MTA and the code has been modified by some third users, it would get blocked. For example the MTA client would know which .asi plugins can be allowed and which not. If the mod used by
  6. I think it cannot be called a problem, it's just the default size of the HUD. In most cases (especially on RP servers) it just takes the half of the screen away if you include the chat. My suggestion is about adding an option to Video Settings called something like "Enable Widescreen", so the HUD is the same size like in the second picture in the spoiler. As you can see in the second picture the HUD is smaller, but it's still good visible and doesn't take that much place like the first one. There's an option that allows you to adjust the proportions of the HUD to the screen, but it gets
  7. You can't, MTA locked the possibility of injecting an ASI file to the game. So, would it be possible for MTA developers to make an option in the settings for enabling a smaller HUD? On some servers it looks really bad with the normal HUD size, especially on smaller resolutions (like laptops).
  8. It doesn't help, it's still way too big.
  9. Hi, MTA does not allow using modifications such as cleo mods, asi mods and others. It has advantages like preventing potential cheaters, but it has also disadvantages such as prohibition of using helpful modifications that players used on singleplayer mode or SAMP for years. One of them is the widescreen fix made by thirteenag, it decreases the hud in-game, so it doesn't take a half of your screen. Often people playing on laptops with resolutions like 1366x768 aim this problem, but also desktop users. Unfortunately it isn't possible to use this modification on MTA, so it would be very nice if
  10. Hello guys, I've installed some new weapon sounds that need an .asi file, it just has to be in the root folder of the game. Everytime I start MTA, a warning box pops up and shows that there are some .asi files that couldn't be accepted. I know about that, but I've to click everytime the "No" button to launch MTA. Is there an option to disable these warnings?
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