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  1. Lasts arguments in function attachElements are offset. How I can get offset?
  2. Hello guys! I doing panel registration. How I can upload text with EditBox with c-side to s-side? When player click button "Registration" then script must take Login and Password with EditBox and s-side must does function addAccount . This is snippet code c-side: local DaneR_Login = guiGetText (GUIREGISTER.Places_R_Register[1]) --Getting login with editbox local DaneR_Passy = guiGetText (GUIREGISTER.Places_R_Register[2]) --Getting password with edibot local StworzKonto = triggerServerEvent ("StworzKonto", getLocalPlayer ()) --trigger (addaccount) if StworzKonto then outputChatBox ("Pomyślnie utworzono konto o nazwie: "..DaneR_Login) --If s-side addAccount else outputChatBox ("Nie udało się utworzyć konta") --if not addAccount end end end end end addEventHandler ("onClientGUIClick", root, CreateAccountPlayer) S-side function StworzKontoWBazieDanych() addAccount ('DaneR_Login', 'DaneR_Passy') --DaneR_Login and DaneR_Passy this are local with c-side. They getting login and password with editbox. end addEvent("StworzKonto",true) addEventHandler("StworzKonto", getRootElement(), StworzKontoWBazieDanych) 0 db. How I can upload this locals?
  3. Ok, thanks!
  4. Hello! I doing script Panel register and Login. How can I check the length text in editbox? I used: if #GUIREGISTER.Places_R_Register[1] > 0 and #GUIREGISTER.Places_R_Register[1] <=20 then , but this is bad. DB3: Attemp to get length of field '?' (a userdata value) I haven't got idea how to do
  5. Ok, thanks Can close this topic.
  6. I don't will create multi data base. I want to have one for everything
  7. Why this connect doesn't work? local connect = dbConnect("sqlite",":resources/Mlife.db") Script is in: Resources/ZP (ZP this folder with script) Data Base File is in main folder with scripts. Script can't find data base file about name Mlife.db, but this data base file there is
  8. Hello guys, I'm beginners in LUA. Why this code doesn't work? 0 DB When player joined, server giving he skin about ID 0 C-side function SskinC () triggerServerEvent ("SetSkinPlayerJoin", resourceRoot) end addEventHandler ("onClientPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), SskinC) S-side function UstawSkina() setElementModel(client, 0) end addEvent("SetSkinPlayerJoin", true) addEventHandler("SetSkinPlayerJoin", resourceRoot, UstawSkina) I don't know when I must write resourceRoot, root, getRootElement, etc. and this is my problem (Sorry for my english, but i can't pefrect his :/)