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  1. The Scientist - Dance Of The Vampires You may rember The Scientist from KJah in GTA3, Best Dub since King Tubby Cornelius - Star Fruits Surf Rider A little dark j-pop never hurt Guitar Wolf - Nagasaki Jet You have to see Wild Zero starring Guitar Wolf, the best Zombie/Rocker/UFO movie I have ever seen!
  2. I was thinking about this, why not enable the server itself to accept commands directly from the terminal? Something like this: #the following terminal emulation was filmed before a live studio audience# n00|3 killed yoko n00b is cheating!! n00|3 killed yoko n00|3 killed yoko !adminchat n00|3 I saw that, your gone !ban n00|3 n00|3 has been kicked from the game thanks TankBoy, your the best admin ever! =) shut up beeeotch, you killed the Beatles! I'm not sure if that got my point across, or if it could or should be done that way. But if it could that would be sweet
  3. Thats effing cool! Would it have similar effects on all vehicles
  4. Man, the flaming is getting bad I'm reminded of some sage advice once given to me by a blind, 300 year old Vietnamese prostitute: "Arguing on the Internet is like running in the special olympics; even if you win your still a moron" Her words still hold true to this very day. So I implore all you United Legion of Killers and KungFuGrip Fan Club Members, we are all here to have fun. Stop being so serious --The Doctor is Out /Pulls the football away just as you kick it
  5. Kung Lao, It's coming out of your arm pit dude. I give both a solid 8.5 rebel. And extra credit for Kung Lao's because I could never think of anything to do with that one.
  6. Man, you KFC guys just dont live in reality do you? Thanks though
  7. This Ones going out to DeathB, Consider it a going away gift from all of us at the VCK. heres the original Have a good time man, and dont go getting soft while your away.
  8. I agree Ransom, Lets keep these from getting personal /Hint : if it feels like your being an asshole, you are
  9. Nice one DeathB, maybe we should just make this a KFC mockery thread. NAAA... Cuz my next target is BLASTA
  10. I like the Sailors primary weapon (M4?). It's got a good fire rate and can easly over power to Mexi's gun (no idea) if you know what your doing.
  11. The heart of my suggestion is to make it visually apparent when some one is paused/alt-tabbed. The smoking thing was just and idea of how to go about it. As long as you can tell that the player is paused then you really cant go wrong. Furthermore I think Betty's idea would work very well.
  12. If some ones going to smoke because they saw it in a video game then they deserve 2 shotty cancerous lungs. But thats just my opinion /Stupid people do stupid things for a reason, so theres less of them
  13. Like most MTA'ers I hate wasting ammo on people who are paused, legitimately or otherwise. I was wondering if there was a way to tie a certain action to pausing or alt-tabing that would alert people to the player's status. If I rember correctly there is a cheat code in VC that causes your character to appear as if he was having a smoke. Why not make it so that pausing activates the "certiandeath" cheat. It's kind of fitting I guess, "hey guys i gota have a smoke, BRB". You could argue that this promotes bad habits, but in that case I think smoking the last thing we should worry about MT
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