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  1. SERVER IP: mtasa:// Hello! this is my first post, so don't bash me if I did not include most of the things. Also racing servers are not that popular - so you might show some support if you can Hello and welcome! I want to show you mine racing server, along done with [NKC]Pepsi [famous racing player] - it's Vanilla Race - it's not DD, DM or fun. It's race with checkpoints. Classic one Features: - ghostmode - transparent cars, so you will not crash - so you can make toptimes easily - carhide - hide cars for more FPS
  2. Witajcie! Szukam ludzi, do moderowania/administracji servera, który założyłem. Jest on serverem RACE. Dużo Polaków nie gra na race [tych co grają na RPG itp] - więc krótko opowiem co to jest: - wyścigi, kto dojedzie pierwszy wygrywa [będzie więcej skryptów, że np po wyścigu dostaje się kase, czy drift mapy polegające tylko na wykręceniu top driftu z wyznaczoną ilością czasu] - rekordy pod f5 - eventy - o właśnie administracje, czy eventy z udziałem prosów na scenie RACE [z którymi bardzo dobrze się znam] Można tam tworzyć również swoje klany/teamy - do wy
  3. Hello! Weeks ago I got some MTA:SA server. First of all - the name is Polish - because it was meant to be Polish server which would be Freeroam/Play. Now - changed it to RACE - and here it is! This server is a classic race server [race with checkpoints] [not DM/DD]. There are alot of maps from racing community members/self-made maps. Scripts are from most racing servers - it contain for example: - carhide - carfade - race_nos2 [you can type /nos nfs or /nos hybrid to change your nitro] and lot of other things to come! There are also alot of maps [not only map
  4. Thank you. I'll test it. The function is writed in the code, yah? ~Tak, Polak.
  5. I'm just curious. Is there a way, to remove spawned cars on the Play/Freeroam gamemode. For example: monster trucks at Grove Street with bikes, along with Buffalo near Ryder's house. Just want to include some modded maps onto my server, and I don't want cars to bug out [from custom map]. If there's a script to it, or a line that i can change in a code - can you sent it here? Thanks in advance!
  6. Want to delete the modification [Weird map I know, but wanted to try the imagination - i see that people don't like it so i delete it] https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=16037 DONE
  7. Hello again folks! I want to manage a tournament - league Race tournament played on Classic Race gamemode in MTA San Andreas - in a server called: uDka Racing [im admin on it] HOW IT WILL LOOK LIKE: - you will have map list - every team need to select max. 5 maps - minimum of members are 2, or 3 - maximum are 10 [still 5 v 5 cw] - there will be a site with the stats from the tournament - CW script similar to CS:GO games [you can insert team logo there, or flag - if you want your logo - send me!] YOU NEED: - have free time to play matches [i
  8. New Update! 0.9.3 2017-07-06 15:12:50 Removed calls to master server and fixed few issues. DOWNLOAD NEW VERSION HERE - https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=download&resource=10487&version=0.9.3&selectincludes=1 also, de_train is fixedS Server with that gamemode - mtasa:// [Serwer Eventowy Skadryla 0/20] 24h It still have some bugs btw anyone have some First Person good script?
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