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  1. Mikolajek451

    MTA Pro Race League

    Hello again folks! I want to manage a tournament - league Race tournament played on Classic Race gamemode in MTA San Andreas - in a server called: uDka Racing [im admin on it] HOW IT WILL LOOK LIKE: - you will have map list - every team need to select max. 5 maps - minimum of members are 2, or 3 - maximum are 10 [still 5 v 5 cw] - there will be a site with the stats from the tournament - CW script similar to CS:GO games [you can insert team logo there, or flag - if you want your logo - send me!] YOU NEED: - have free time to play matches [if you dont have - don't worry - we can arrange match for another day] - don't abandon the tournament when you registered already - as said before minimum 2, 3 members and maximum 10 [for substitutes] How to register? * is optional - reply to this thread by this example post: *TEAM NAME - *TEAM COLOR [in #fff (fff)] - *TEAM COUNTRY [for example - if you're all germans - germany or if you have mixed country members - EU, but if you have logo you can send the link here or the pic, we will place the logo not the flag] - *MEMBERS IN THE TEAM - Description of the team - Last competetions where you performed - Server when the event will be: mtasa:// If you have servers, and you selected some maps from map pool - i can send you - contact by facebook with me: https://www.facebook.com/ku.bus.52035 I'll update post here - if max. 10 teams will register [add maps to select, and schelude days and groups] Hope you will register here Regards, [uDka]Jacob [previously known as: pashaBiceps, Dan]
  2. Mikolajek451

    [REL] Counter Strike: RenderWare GameMode

    New Update! 0.9.3 2017-07-06 15:12:50 Removed calls to master server and fixed few issues. DOWNLOAD NEW VERSION HERE - https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=download&resource=10487&version=0.9.3&selectincludes=1 also, de_train is fixedS Server with that gamemode - mtasa:// [Serwer Eventowy Skadryla 0/20] 24h It still have some bugs btw anyone have some First Person good script?