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  1. Why does this show up if I installed MTADiag?
  2. 1. how can we secure an account? 2. What helps secure an account?
  3. MultIV was created by Multi Theft Auto?
  4. Why does nothing appear in the MTA 0.5r2 server list? Some friends asked me to ask for your help!
  5. Why when I activate the Chat mode 'Chat text black / white outline' and write a message of at least one character in the chat, does the message appear twice? I realized why! When I activate the 'playercolor' resource, it happens to me! Sorry!
  6. In my own 'Nephrite Diamond' server I put some objects on the map, like gates! Unfortunately, it can pass through the character or vehicles through these objects! The collision was set to false, that is, the collision was disabled.
  7. I do not want to go through the object either with the character or with a vehicle!
  8. Why can I go through the objects I've put on the map if the collision has been disabled?
  9. What is Map Editor? It opens to me, but nothing goes wrong with it! I write to the left below DEFAULT: "Scroll the change definition". I moved the scroll, but nothing happened.
  10. I downloaded multitheftauto_linux_x64! Where do I add it to the MTA folder?
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