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  1. 1 hour ago, Uknown. said:

    Paradise is an open source gamemode. Stop thinking all gamemodes names posted here are leaked ones xd. And no there's not just go to wcf1_users table in phpMyAdmin and put an 0 in the field 'banned' or 'ban' (  I don't remember which of those two was ) for your friends accounts and done. And after you delete the ban_list  insert this cmd into the server reloadbans in order to remove the MTA bans.

    And can I get a GUI admin panel somewhere?

  2. 1 minute ago, Uknown. said:

    You must create them first in order to get into interiors... and since here we are going offtopic. So I'll finish here my support.

    Thanks for everything

    One more thing, How do I unban my friends if they got banned by parasite?

    I have removed them from banlist

  3. Update:

    So I pasted that damn module in every existing folder, the server still can't find it

    Update 2:

    I've updated the modules using the linux page of MTA


    So it seems to be a different error now

    Update 3:

    I think this is a different error, it can't even login via the root account

    How can I force it to use password? I put it in



    ----------------ISSUE SOLVED--------------------

    So, after all that I just had to tweak around with the settings.xml file

    Thanks everyone for helping, and if anyone else had this problem, I hope this helped

    Oh and one more small problem:

    [14:05:15] JOIN: Briggs joined the game (IP: 176.63.xx.xx)
    [14:05:15] [1] Briggs joined the server (IP: 176.63.x.x).
    [14:05:26] [1] Briggs left the server. (Banned - Hacks)
    [14:05:26] BAN: Briggs was banned from the game by Console (Hacks)
    [14:05:26] BAN: Serial ban was added by Console (Hacks)


  4. 2 minutes ago, Uknown. said:

    Dont use the sha one and replace the function sha1( password ) with hash( 'sha1', password ) in players main.lua and registration.lua

    Dont include the ml_sockets cuz you wont need it and about MTA Mysql just put on google mta mysql module and the first link should lead you to the mta wiki page and at the right you will see several download options and choose the Linux 64 one. If something is not clear just ask me.

    Where can I find those files?


    Theres a link to a fix but its broken

    Love this

  5. 4 minutes ago, Uknown. said:

    Yes and I'd recommend to you to use updated modules, cuz that modules doesn't seem to me to be 64 bits one's. Are you using Paradise or vG?

    Using this: https://github.com/mabako/mta-paradise

    4 minutes ago, Levileadermc said:

    So It should have everything to be up and running


    Btw, can I get the updated modules somewhere else?

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