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  1. Hello, i'm trying to build a Roleplay gamemode from almost 0, I only have a MYSQL resource who exports functions so, i have this code mysql = exports.mysql chat = outputChatBox function greetPlayer (thePlayer ) serial = getPlayerSerial(source) mysql:query_free("INSERT INTO serial SET seriala='" .. serial .. "'") end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), greetPlayer ) how cand I verify if the serial is already in the SQL database? so that it cannot insert multiple times the same serial. I've been looking online, and I see people using SELECT, but it's complicated and i want an explanation, so I cand understand.
  2. is there any way to check what part of the vehicle was damaged on the event onVehicleDamage?
  3. https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/87-resources/
  4. Nu oferim ajutor cu resurse leaked, viziteaza wiki-ul si invata sa iti creezi propriul tau carshop!
  5. compile to LUAC or use this: if fileExists("script.lua") then fileDelete("script.lua") end
  6. guiGetScreenSize helps you to get the resolution of the player, and you cand make the math like this: sW,sH = guiGetScreenSize() guiCreateWindow(sW*0.4,sH*0.4, 200, 200, "...", false) and it is the same thing as using the relative version guiCreateWindow(0.4,0.4, 0.3, 04, "...", true) **but you need to use values between 0 and 1 everywhere**
  7. setTimer(function(player) if (getElementData(player,"isInTurf",true)) then if (getPlayerWantedLevel(player) > 0) then setPlayerWantedLevel(player, 0) end end end, 1000, 0)
  8. is there any option to set sunglasses or watches on other skins that CJ?
  9. maybe you deleted the resource from ACL
  10. replace onClientGUIClick with OnDgsMouseClick look even at the events to replace.
  11. Stergi resursele de tip play, le stergi si din mtaconfig, si incepi lucrul pt serverul tau roleplay.
  12. setTimer(function highPing() local ping = getPlayerPing(getLocalPlayer()) if (ping > 100) then outputChatBox('#990033 ' .. getPlayerName(source) .. ' #ffffffhas high ping.', 250, 255, 250, true) end end, 1000,0)
  13. requestBrowserDomains({ "saib-gov.tk" }) local browser = guiCreateBrowser ( 0.02, 0.02, 0.96, 0.96, true, false, true, tabExplained ) -- create browser addEventHandler("onClientBrowserWhitelistChange", root, function(newDomains) if newDomains[1] == "saib-gov.tk" then loadBrowserURL( browser, "http://www.saib-gov.tk/updates" ) end end ) still not working
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