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  1. LyricalMM

    Help with command, it's works but WARNING in console

    d destroyElement(i) i don't know if it works, but u can try
  2. LyricalMM

    Spawn police cars on player wanted

    i can't make a full script for you but you cand try with: createPed createVehicle warpPedIntoVehicle setPedControlState and copy the script from slothbot with following
  3. LyricalMM


    do you mean to put categories in the gridlist?
  4. LyricalMM

    How can I put a variable as a vector position?

    local x,y,z = 1, 1, 1 setElementPosition(source, 0, 3400, z)
  5. LyricalMM

    HELP Command only for faction?

  6. LyricalMM

    HELP Command only for faction?

    use: player = getLocalPlayer() team = getPlayerTeam(player) teamName = getTeamName(team) if (teamName == "FCPD") then --Your code end
  7. LyricalMM

    [HELP] Color Name Chat

    this is a script questions section not script requests, so please learn coding and try to connect things.
  8. LyricalMM

    HELP Command only for faction?

    put the meta.xml of the factions resource
  9. LyricalMM

    [HELP] Color Name Chat

    disable the default chat script and make one of your own with outputChatBox and custom colors
  10. LyricalMM

    Respawn vehicle by command

    you can't just make a default respawn vehicle, that depends on you vehicle resource but you can make it with getElementPosition --You can park it getElementData setElementPosition setElementData
  11. LyricalMM

    new Dx Inventory problems

    the last tought i have is that is something wrong in your showNewInventory function
  12. LyricalMM

    new Dx Inventory problems

    well your script is serverside?
  13. LyricalMM

    new Dx Inventory problems

    Code? Maybe you didn't put the params corectly idk
  14. LyricalMM

    How to stop a command? Help

    Use element data like local isRotated = getElememtData(object, "rotated") if isRotated then --code to set to initial position setElementData(object, "rotated", 0) --or false else --code to set the object to open position setElememtData(object, "rotated", 1) --or true end Idk if this would work but give it a try
  15. LyricalMM

    new Dx Inventory problems

    Maybe you didn't export the function in new_inv in meta.xml