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  1. how about only get the data on peds thad are next to you so there is a circle where you are in the middle and only pads in the circle will appeer and be synced it has mentiont before..
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    jes you just have to fill in evrey thing ritcht i have a phpBB2 working with tripod
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    the one with a @ d'oh!
  4. you only have to open ports if you have a router or firewall router: just go to and make a virtual server to forward ports (use your manual) firewall: just open your ports chack the Faq or manual of your firewall where to do this!
  5. Me to it realy sucks thad way it looks like all the servers in the serverlis are dead... (port 6666 and 6667 are open!)
  6. your ASE should also be redirectect to mta.exe instead of the launcher well it is thad way by me and it works
  7. First of all GREAT job getting multiplayer this far ! But when i play a game i can play like a few minutes some times seconds an then i just respawm on the roof where you have to choose a side
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    Yust a spam topic will be locked soon
  9. release i do thad ervry time when i refresh the page!
  10. been up for all night for MTA i've wached before a was going to sleep and i've watched when i was awake again.
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