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    I might register a new domain sometime in the future, but as it stands, there's no need for one. We still have means of communicating.
  2. Okay, this has been bothering me for a while. Why is there a picture of a toilet on the main page?
  3. Zircon


    We're on indefinite hiatus... and yes, the domain expired quite a while ago, but we didn't renew it.
  4. Zircon

    Wiki Research

    I believe we've been over this. No one's intention should be to list the "original gangs," or "pioneer gangs," or whatever you want to call them. A chronological listing would be a perfectly unbiased and fair way to go about it. Otherwise, we are going to have some conflicting views with the way it's presented. Like I said, it's impossible to draw the line between the "original gangs" and all of the others that appeared afterwards. You might say the cut-off point is 2003. I could say six months to a year later. It's simply a matter of opinion, and that doesn't belong in something that should
  5. Everyone except you in this topic seems to have a pretty good understanding of who the pioneers are. The list is not biased, but its not fair to include a gang just cause some guy started it and it never actually became anything, thats all I mean by surviving. Anyhow, yes you are right, pioneer is considered synonymous to old and respected by many, as I mentioned in the latter post. There is a certain respect for the pioneers most people exhibit (not you apparently). If you are questioning where the line is drawn, I think you'll find a very definitive timespan between those pioneers and the o
  6. So its not your anger of the first gangs being the only ones mentioned, but my need to gloat for VCP? Well I dont know if you noticed, but Im out of VCP and I have a neutral stance. However, it has the right to be in the story of MTA's history along with those other gangs because they were the pioneers (that started and survived). Whos to say what gang is good enough to deserve mention? That is why only the first gangs were mentioned in the main section, because they were categorized as historic (with the exception of VCP being the tourney winners but thats also historic). I'm not against a
  7. Well, I don't know where you got the idea that this is about me, but I think before starting an argument on the basis of that and your opinion that the gangs listed here are notable because of their "historic stance," you should first and foremost actually read what I've said and then take a look at every gang's history in MTA and not just your own. Then maybe you'll realize that your self-importance really means nothing and there are gangs more worth mentioning than VCP, especially if such a list were to be included on any of MTA's official resources.
  8. Yes, he asked a specific question, but he also requested it being added to the website. This is the same person that kept adding the "notable gangs" to our Wikipedia article. My comments were more or less directed to him. Being an old clan doesn't give you immediate mention over all the others that have come and went for the past three years.
  9. That doesn't really make any difference. Being "an old and respected clan" is pretty much the same as being "the best clan," and it's often used in the same line. It's just another thing people use for bragging rights. I'm not sure what relevance it would serve anyway, as most of the clans listed here were formed around the exact same time as the rest that have survived to this day, if only a few months earlier. Which brings me to my original point yet again, you can't summarize this in just one sentence.
  10. I guess the "definitive list" or "notable gangs" people have listed here are only the ones they've been involved with. =) There have been hundreds of gangs throughout MTA's history and all of them have claimed that they were the best. You can't summarize this in just one sentence.
  11. All of the models were sorted manually by the QA team, so of course I would think that there's several hundred, perhaps even a thousand or more that's missing. I still have the all.models files Aeron mentioned, which has pretty much every single object in the game, but they're not categorized so it's quite difficult to find what you're looking for.
  12. I believe there's a simple d3d9.dll file you can drop in your GTA: SA directory that's compatiable with MTA: SA. I don't know where it is, though. Maybe you should look for it on a search engine.
  13. As far as shot registration goes, it should work fine on high pings due to the lag compensation code the team has added.
  14. Some people can't get broadband because it isn't available where they live or there's only one provider in their area that's a monopoly and charges ridiculous prices, as everyone here failed to mention. Broadband is not so readily available as you'd think. If you can get it, however, I would recommend that you do so, and then you won't have to deal with the lag. MTA: SA's race mod only appears to be laggy because of the proximity of the players. Your solution is simply playing in servers with less people, preferably around 10. The deathmatch mod (and even the race mod, really) is much bette
  15. Why wouldn't you like infinite sprint? When I'm stranded without a car in sight, I don't want to jog all the way across the map until I find one. Let's also keep in mind that San Andreas's map is considerably larger, and if infinite sprint was needed in Vice City, it's certainly needed here. It also makes it harder to fight or take cover. Combat is already slower in San Andreas, so disabling infinite sprint and forcing you to jog in some situations just makes it even worse. If the stamina isn't maxed in San Andreas (and I don't think the stats are going to be maxed by default in MTA: SA, but
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