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  1. Hey, I have never seen someone laughing at his own dick like this.
  2. yep, but I dont know that he knows that or not. And the 5-7kbit/player seems to f*cking slim. But possible.
  3. "i think its about 5-7 kbs - max" kbit/s or kbyte/s? And is that the upload/player or dwnload/player? And what about the processor load? Thx.
  4. God. My English is that bad? Srry then. My LAST try: How much 'processor time' and bandwidth taken per player by the mta:vc server.
  5. empirical? kbit? Mhz? Y cheap ass.
  6. And one "smart" for me. What is the part you don't understand?
  7. My empirical research shows that my dedicated(linux) server starts to fall apart (high pings) when the player number reach X, (X > 3). Is this the connection (512kbit/128kbit) or the proc [celeron 300 (covington) without L2cache] ? What is the quota per player (kbit & Mhz/player). thanX.
  8. spender

    MTA VC > Lan

    Wait, I dont want to help you because of trianon. Damn French!
  9. spender

    MTA VC > Lan

    I'm Hungaryan and English is not my native language, so my answer is only this: Yes.
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