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  1. Oh really? Should try it ASAP. Previously I had been working only with SAMP where everything is controlled only server-side, so I didn't reflect that it's possible to change dimensions of everyone for the current player. It's very interesting. BTW, maybe the developers will decide to implement it in the way I suggested Thank you very much, CodyJ(L)
  2. Yep, right this way. The main thing is it doesn't seem to be difficult implemented. It looks like just changing some properties on the level of entities' streaming. But maybe, of course, I do imagine it incorrectly.
  3. But how would players being inside see the players that are outside? If they are in different dimensions.
  4. Hello! I'm just a newbee in MTA, now I'm learning the wiki. I've found the function SetElementDimension with description for the argument Dimension: "You can also use -1 to make the element visible in all dimensions (only valid to objects)." So, I have a question, why only for the objects? Why not for peds(players) and vehicles? So, it would be cool to have a dimension that everyone will see but won't see each other, like if two players would be in one apartments, but in two different dimensions(eg. 1 and 2), so they wouldn't see each other, like they are in two different apartments, but they would be able to see everything that happens in the street(-1 dimension), cars, walking peds and so on. At least, it seems to be cool :) If I'm not mistaken, the apartments in GTA Online works this way.