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  1. [SELL] Gamemode Pubg

    Hi, since I do not have time to devote to my server, I have decided to sell it The gamemode contains everything for its correct functioning Characteristics of the server: -Language: Spanish - English - Portuguese -Loot -Vehicles -Weapons -Inventory with drag and click system -New chat and notifications -System of healing with animations Among other things related to the original pubg Images of the gamemode: Price and payment method: The price of the gamemode is $30 usd Methods of payment via PayPal Contact: You can contact me through this forum or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ariel.kramer.718 Skype: diegocn12diegocn12@hotmail.com
  2. [Help]

    You see you never used createWeapon. createWeapon creates a floating weapon not for the player What I want is for you to help me adjust the createWeapon to the player The other property is easy, but first is to create the weapon and make it shoot
  3. [Help]

    setWeaponProperty on the client side only works with createWeapon this creates a floating weapon is not the same as the giveWeapon You can help me adjust the createWeapon with the player so he can shoot and all that?
  4. [Help]

    Hello, how can I make setWeaponProperty work for only one player? There is some way to change the ammo of weapons for a single player.
  5. Me tira este error bad argument #1 to "unpack" (table expected, got boolean) :v
  6. Hola necesito ayuda con este script . Lo que quiero hacer es que se vea el dxdrawtext en el color del gang. Me tira este error cuando lo inicio falied to call gang_system:getGangData[string"?"] Creo que no funciona porque el export getGangData es solo para server , no habra alguna forma de hacerlo para que funcione en el client Pd: Es el gang_system de Castillo Aqui el codigo Client