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  1. Adel

    Ban , reason ?

    now i become receive this message : " you are banned by MTA RAT please solve my problem , its from along time (8 months banned)
  2. Adel

    Ban , reason ?

    Hello , I am was banned from almost 7 months ago . I am dont know how and why I was banned ? when I want to enter server i receive this message : " you are kicked by AC#4 RAT" i think this message mean I was use hacker , yes I was trying to use hacker but i am dont used hacker , and this from a long time . Please , unban me I want to play MTA my Serial : 5D715F9174E3B0B7A87D84F41619B492
  3. hi , a cheater edit on trees files and use it , the files in this link i hope you can fix it , thx .
  4. the cheat is from 1 year , Yes i try it and he is working
  5. Hello mta staffs. first time for me to post here. i am here for report a bug in mta tactics gamemode. this gamemode is so good too many players playing it. in this gamemode (for those who don't know it) we're about 2 teams play clan war in some mta maps. this maps got (builds/streets/trees/etc..) There's The PROBLEM! someone cheater edit on the files of the trees and he hide it!!!!!! and now he can see us behind the trees during camping and he can sniper and see us and he behind the tree.. this cheat files were with two or three persons who playing tactics.. BUT now? someone shared it on youtube and this good gamemode will be :Oed up because of this files