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  1. Suerte

    Binds actual

    Presiona ; para activar todos los binds para ware Presiona - para desactivarlos Presiona mouse2 o clic derecho para mover Presiona Q y E para teletransportarse (antes de matar a alguien) Usa la rueda de desplazamiento del ratón para atacar
  2. Hola. Soy la Serpiente que anda por el bosque y aquí hay una fruta del Árbol del Conocimiento. Las teclas más usado y sus descripciones 2 = Sniper rápido 3 = Escopetas con balas infinitas 6 = Uso estos cuando hago spawn 7 = Para modificar los vehículos # = Borrar tus vehículos z = Volar ; = Activar los binds para knife - = Desactivarlos Knife (Fuera de Ware) Knife (Ware)
  3. Thanks for checking out the script! The resource does have an export function (givePlayerWeapon) that you can use in your own script. The generic example is in the resource description. If you want it to affect pickup items, I think you need to get it to work with onClientPickupHit. allweapons is just a quick demonstration & proof of concept for people like you to innovate and improve on it feel free to modify/copy it, good luck!
  4. Same result, but thanks. Ah, I just realised the problem. When row index 0 is deleted, index 1, 2 .. etc. are shifted upwards to 0, 1.. so the next index 1 that is being deleted is actually the original index 2, but the original index 1 never gets touched. I guess it worked that way for all the odd numbers. Tests confirmed it. Solved code: for i=0,rowCount do guiGridListRemoveRow(cart,0) end
  5. I am trying to delete every row in a GridList (named cart): for i=0,rowCount-1,1 do if guiGridListRemoveRow(cart,i) then outputChatBox("row "..i.." removed") else outputChatBox("err") end end However, only indexes 0, 2, 4 .. etc. are deleted. Despite this, the debug information in the ChatBox shows there are no errors. i.e. with 4 rows, it will show: row 0 removed row 1 removed row 2 removed row 3 removed But it only works for the even indexes. So when I show the GUI again, index 1, 3, 5 etc.. are still there. It's probably a noob mistake but
  6. Suerte

    HELP: TXD. wtf

    Yes, the function was definitely called on the resource start. Nice resource generator though But that is a weird thing qaisjp.. This morning I thought I'd try again but it was already working! Cool, I think. EDIT: just for the future.. if you have already logged into your server, you need to restart MTA to load the skin.
  7. TXD CLIENT.LUA resourceRoot = getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()) function loadTXD() local txd = engineLoadTXD ( "FAM1.txd" ) --returns userdata engineImportTXD ( txd, 105 ) --returns true end addEventHandler('onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot, loadTXD ) META.XML <meta> <info author="suerte" type="script" version="1.0.0" /> <script src="server.lua" type="server" /> <script src="client.lua" type="client" /> <file src="FAM1.txd" /> </meta> Help So what did I do wrong? Console looks like everything
  8. Suerte

    Hello again

    MTA does have an active community! RP is still gay so I don't know how far they've succeeded in 'keeping people in check'
  9. Suerte

    Is it possible?

    that would be awesome. really MTA is not far from being its own game and i think it could really benefit from the flexibility of it (not that I know anything about coding, but I imagine so). Maybe the MTA team can do it already but its avoided because including original GTA would increase the download to 4.5gb either way i would download it lol
  10. Yes, you are right. I was about to request it moved. Also, thank you very much!!!!!!
  11. CLIENT: --gui button leads to triggerServerEvent ( "onChooseSpawn", getRootElement(), 105 ) SERVER: addEvent( "onChooseSpawn", true ) function spawnHandler ( skinID ) setCameraTarget ( getRootElement() ) fadeCamera(getRootElement(), true ) spawnPlayer(getRootElement(), 2495, -1685, 14) end addEventHandler( "onChooseSpawn", getRootElement(), spawnHandler ) The event is triggered and the function starts. This part works. The command spawnPlayer(getRootElement(), 2495, -1685, 14) does not work however giveWeapon( getRootElement(), 34, 1000 ) does work? Note
  12. ok thats good. i would launch a server myself but I can't pay for it but i do want to make a merge of stealth and basemode
  13. stealth isn't dead! but a lot of people are noobs so its harder for them to have fun when getting raped every round
  14. There is a solution. If everyone is getting 300ms ping because of distance from the server, then get a south african server
  15. I kind of like it. It's a lot of fun to kill people with and it's like another feature in the game. I suppose I wouldn't mind if it was fixed, but i'm not going to push for it lol.
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