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  1. better start learning lua then...
  2. yeah, already had it solved the problem. turned out that the resource medit stuffed it up, so i just removed it
  3. astu0366


    i need help with a script which gives everyone money at some point, as i've got the bank resource, but no money
  4. How do i make there be the usual things in the top right hand corner (health, money, armour and weapons)? All that is there at the moment is the time. If it helps, one of my resources is Free Roam.
  5. Ok, i've updated how to change admin password, but i decided not to mention the use of "localhost", because you can't access this via other computers that way (I think).
  6. Since some people (including myself) can have difficulties creating a basic server to play a mate with, here's one for everyone to have. Please note that although i'm a noob myself, MTA is a project which i want to contribute to. Thanks to Arc for his freeroam resource This server extremely basic, and I have done little modification to it. It is more suited to a local network, than opening it up to the public. Download I am not to be held responsible for it if it: 1. Kills your cat 2. Sets fire to your house 3. Gets OJ Simpson blamed for something else G
  7. dah.... my ip had changed. sorry for wasting peoples time. is it possible for my local ip to be fixed at
  8. sorry i worded my post wrong. what i meant was that my firefox resource browser was at 22005, but my server is at 22004. and i havent changed that since it worked
  9. ok thanks anyway. when my server is complete, i will upload it for everyone else
  10. ok so heres the problem. when i try to connect to my server, it just times out, although i've never had that problem before now. as my uploaded server picture shows, its no different to usual. plus i can't connect to, but i could before. as far as i know, no changes have been made to my operating system (XP) since the was working yesterday please help
  11. i seem to be getting somewhere, thanks. I just think it would be good for there to be "templates" for starting a server, especially, when every server has to start the same way. I would really appreciate anyone uploading theirs
  12. I can probably speak on behalf of many, saying that setting up a MTA DM server can be very time consuming, and doesn't always work, as I found out. Is there any chance of someone uploading their working servers and templates for everyone to use (but mainly me )? My internet is fair dodgy, but i'm planning to verse a brother on our network.
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