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  1. UPDATE 1: The following features have been added: Login panel. Skin changer with only a few skins to choose from. "Online admins" in the bottom left corner. The following features has been removed: Teleportation to stunt locations. vehicle spawning (I removed this feature to prevent users from changing the weather and time all the time. I am currently looking for a new menu where players will be able to spawn whatever vehicle they like. If you have a mod, or knows a mod, that you think would fit what I am going for, please do contact me. I am currently working on: Getting a vehicle spawn menu for all users. Getting a system running that saves your money when you logout (I have future plans for the money) More skins to choose from. Starting to watch some tutorials on how to place spawn markers and vehicles where people spawn. User interface (UI, HUD or whatever it's called) Contact me here: Steam: /id/mjnielsen99 Twitter: @mjnielsen99 Known bugs so far: When you change your skin, it is not changed for other players (Everyone is CJ except yourself) You can't register without contacting me and then I create a login for you, but I have removed that feature. When my friend joined my server he couldn't see the "online admins" in the bottom left corner, but when I join from a laptop on a different account, it's there. Please contact me on the server, on steam, or on twitter, to tell me if you can see it or not. Thanks.
  2. STATUS: Currently closed for a couple of hours / maybe even days. I'm going to play with a few mods. Note: The server will most likely be online at around 12am - 22pm (12:00 - 22:00) (GMT+1) Thanks.
  3. My name is Mathias, and I live in Denmark. I recently made my own MTA server, with a few mods, and would like some feedback on performance, and etc. Currently you can: Play vanilla Spawn vehicles and stuff Teleport to a few stunt ramp locations PM (private message with other players) Races and other gamemodes (I have to start them from the admin panel) http://imgur.com/a/fcGzf Future plans I have for this server: Make it online 24/7 (I have to have my PC turned on for people to play on it. I plan on leaving a spare laptop open overnight some days, but that's not my main option (I'm often at my desktop, I'll just leave it open on there)) Get a money system which makes it possible for you to keep your money when you logout Get some minigames (fx: your press a button like F1 and you will get to a menu, where you can join a race, or derby, and that stuff) Make it possible to get money when you win a race, or another minigame. Make it possible to buy stuff with the money (I do not know what yet, feel free to come with examples :D) Roleplay-like jobs. (For example another menu like the gamemode menu, where you can get a job, like trucker, busdriver, etc.) Contact information: Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mjnielsen99/ IP: