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  1. NAME: Ali AGE: 16 CONTACT METHODS: Contact me VIA pm. BRIEF SELF DESCRIPTION [ 50 Words Minimum ] [ 100 Words Maximum ] well , I am Ali I am 16 years old I love playing Video Games and I love playing football , basketball I spend most of my time on MTA I have got a huge leading experience in leading servers. I live in a medium house I have 1 brother and 1 sister. I am interested for being a staff member because I am sure I can help so much .. I can give most of time to the server .. being a staff member isn't that easy this chance should go to the one who deserve it . I am sure I deserve it because I trust my self . I trust that I can do many things . my words have done I hope you check my application well .
  2. i can help you so much give me server IP and i will PM you
  3. Alii

    help please

    ok please make it for me i need it
  4. Alii

    help please

    guys i need a vehicle spawner script for free i need help please i want spawner to get owned vehicle