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  1. عجزت على فعلها
  2. ما أشوف اخطاء؟
  3. سويت زي ما قتلي و ما صار شي حاولت أشوف ببرنامج DB Browser (SQLite) لقيت الجدول فاضي و كمان مافي مشاكل في الديبق
  4. شباب ايش الأخطاء بالكود؟ executeSQLQuery("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS serial (count TEXT, playerCounter TEXT, savedSerials TEXT, serialUsername TEXT)") local counter = executeSQLQuery("SELECT count FROM playerCounter") function onJoin() local serial = getPlayerSerial(source) if isUserNew(source) then local highs = call(getResourceFromName("Core"),"getOnlineHighs") local ccode = call(getResourceFromName("admin"),"getPlayerCountry",source) for i,v in ipairs(highs) do outputChatBox("* #FFFFFF"..getPlayerName(source):gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x","").."#22a9ed has joined the game [New]", 0, 100, 0, true) outputChatBox("Player Number: "..("%03d"):format(counter[1].count),v) outputChatBox("Old Name: "..getPlayerName(source),v) outputChatBox("New Name: Guest_"..("%03d"):format(counter[1].count),v) outputChatBox("Country: "..call(getResourceFromName("Core"),"getCountryNameFromCode",ccode),v) outputChatBox("IP: "..getPlayerIP(source),v) outputChatBox("Serial: "..serial,v) end setPlayerName(source, "Guest_"..("%03d"):format(counter[1].count)) executeSQLQuery("INSERT INTO savedSerials(serial) VALUES(?)",serial) executeSQLQuery("INSERT INTO serialUsername(serial,username) VALUES(?,?)",serial,"Guest_"..("%03d"):format(counter[1].count)) outputChatBox("• Guest_"..("%03d"):format(counter[1].count).." #22a9edhas joined the game [#ffffffNew#22a9ed]",root,255,255,255,true) executeSQLQuery("UPDATE playerCounter SET count=? WHERE count=?",counter[1].count + 1,counter[1].count) counter = executeSQLQuery("SELECT count FROM playerCounter") executeSQLQuery("INSERT INTO serialReputation(serial,reputation) VALUES(?,?)",serial,0) setElementData(source,"Reputation",0) else local q = executeSQLQuery("SELECT username FROM serialUsername WHERE serial=?",serial) setPlayerName(source,q[1].username) if muted[serial] then outputChatBox("• "..q[1].username.." #22a9edhas joined the game [#FFFFFFMuted#22a9ed]",root,255,255,255,true) else outputChatBox("• "..q[1].username.." #22a9edhas joined the game",root,255,255,255,true) end local q = executeSQLQuery("SELECT reputation FROM serialReputation WHERE serial=?",serial) setElementData(source,"Reputation",q[1].reputation or 0) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin",root,onJoin)
  5. شكرا اشتغل ممكن تقلي ليش getRealTime ما يسوي refresh في gui يعني الوقت يتغير بس لما اسوي restart لل مود
  6. اشتغل على لوحة معلومات ايش المشكل في اللوحة؟ Client side userserial = guiCreateLabel(226, 80, 474, 25, "Serial:", false, userpanel) function getserialboy () triggerServerEvent("triggerSerial",localPlayer,theSerial) guiSetText( userserial, theSerial) end ------------ Server side function getserial (thePlayer) local theSerial = getPlayerSerial( thePlayer ) end addEvent("triggerSerial",true) addEventHandler("triggerSerial",root,getserial)
  7. يجيني النص بس اقدر اكتب في الشات
  8. إيش الغلط في الكود؟ function callAdmin ( chatter ) chatteraccount = getPlayerAccount ( chatter ) if isGuestAccount ( chatteraccount ) then outputChatBox ( "Please register to use this function!", chatter ) else end end addEventHandler("onPlayerChat",root,callAdmin)
  9. Snakegold


    Thank you, do you know how to convert them to minutes and seconds? also without points like 3.487s
  10. Snakegold


    Hello community. i tried to work with this function but unfortunately i failed. i did alot of attemps but nothing happened getTimerDetails This is my code function test (player) local timer = 5000 if getElementData(player, "data1", true) then outputChatBox("You already got health. Please wait "..getTimerDetails(timer).."", player, 255,0,0) return end setElementHealth(player, 100) outputChatBox("Done",player,255,0,0,true) setElementData(player, "data1", true) setTimer(function () setElementData(player, "data1", false) end, timer,1) end addCommandHandler("health",test) debugscript: Bad argument @ 'getTimerDetails' [Expected lua-timer at argument 1, got number '5000'] Error: attempt to concatenate a boolean value
  11. Snakegold


    Sorry, i'm beginner, didn't understand can you correct my script?
  12. Snakegold


    Hello community Why this code doesn't work? function checkbox (element) if ( element == checkbox_output ) if ( guiCheckBoxGetSelected(source) ) then outputChatBox("checked") else outputChatBox("unchecked") end end end addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", root, checkbox, false) Nothing in debugscript !!
  13. كودك صعب و معقد شوي عليا لأني مازلت ممبتدأ function setbounty(thePlayer, playername) local player = getPlayerFromNamePart(playername or "") local name = getPlayerName(thePlayer) if player then outputChatBox(""..name.." وضع مبلغ على "..getPlayerName(player).."", root, 255, 255, 255, true) else outputChatBox("إسم اللاعب غير موجود", root, 255, 255, 255, true) end end addCommandHandler("setbounty", setbounty) function getPlayerFromNamePart(name) if name then for i, player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if string.find(getPlayerName(player):lower(), tostring(name):lower(), 1, true) then return player end end end return false end ايش مشكلته هذا؟
  14. شباب بدي لما أكتب /setbounty "إسم لاعب" يكتب X set bounty on Z function setbounty(thePlayer) local player = getPlayerName(thePlayer) if player then outputChatBox(""..name.." set bounty on "..player.."", root, 255, 255, 255, true) else outputChatBox("لاعب غير موجود", root, 255, 255, 255, true) end end addCommandHandler("setbounty",setbounty)
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