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  1. damn shad i just dropped by to say i love you
  2. delete the hacs page from ur favourites, uninstall the crax0red client and download the proper one here: http://mtavc.worldispnetwork.com/mta/MTAInstall05.exe *sigh*, it doenst mean he has a hacked client.
  3. WHAT?! another new clan from scratch deathb? you're never tired ha? ill join only if youll promise me you wont quit and leave it leaderless and then open TCWPCIFSA (This Clan Will Pwn Cuz Its From Scratch Again) Clan pz.
  4. i dunno, but what i do know is robpol finaly came out http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=143842#143842
  5. [17:42:12] <+Rob86_Server> Rawk_iT [17:42:17] <+Rob86_Server> i want your tight sweet ass [17:42:24] <+Rob86_Server> i want to wear your ass like a hat [17:42:32] <+Rob86_Server> i can sleep on those perked cheecks let me tell you [17:42:49] <@Rawk_iT> stop giving me reasons to hate you [17:42:54] <+Rob86_Server> dude [17:42:56] <+Rob86_Server> i want you [17:42:59] <+Rob86_Server> badly [17:43:02] <+Rob86_Server> i wish you were gay [17:43:06] <@Rawk_iT> take a number and stand in the line [17:43:06] <+Rob86_Server> maby i can make you gay [17:43:07] <@Rawk_iT> ;p [17:43:14] <+Rob86_Server> your number 1 [17:43:21] <+Rob86_Server> step right up [17:43:24] <+Rob86_Server> ill let you ride me [17:43:29] <@Rawk_iT> no thanks [17:43:32] <+Rob86_Server> ill be the naughty horse [17:43:41] <+Rob86_Server> and your the strict cowboy [17:44:07] <+Rob86_Server> i know your getting turned on [17:44:10] <+Rob86_Server> i can tell [17:44:26] <+Rob86_Server> just talking dirty to you like that is giving me a boner [17:44:27] <@Rawk_iT> no thanks.. [17:44:37] <+Rob86_Server> please man, do it for me [17:44:39] <+Rob86_Server> do me for me
  6. [19:36:45] i was the pokemon master [19:36:52] me2 [19:36:57] i could pwn u @ it [19:37:10] w/ my.. uh. venisaur or something, and mew2 [19:37:28] i stole some cards from som younger kids [19:37:36] some [19:37:40] we threw pokemon cards in a pool
  7. next one ill see flamin here gonna get his ass banned, think twice before you click the `submit`. have a good day
  8. * Rob86_Server np: Britney Spears - Lucky [02:43m/256Kbps/44kHz] nuff said.
  9. SM|rawk_it


    Get ASE, Read the manual... read the FAQ .. and cya later. Locked.
  10. from the L to the O with C pimpin up the K on the E down the D make another flame thread ... rap style or not, you'll be rapping ur way up the banlist. Locked.
  11. [10:07:22] how do u do other kool things in IRC [10:07:59] Press ALT and then type FUCK[10:08:05] [#] Micha (michael196@bzq-179-185-232.dsl.bezeqint.net) has quit IRC [] [10:08:07] [#] jim2006193 (jim2006193@evrtwa1-ar12-4-46-164-215.ev ... erizon.net) has quit IRC [] lmao
  12. lol YOU were lagged, one point there u were actually shootin the walls and im like the other side lol... and you're right i straight pwnd u guys =)))))) was a really fun game, synchin were jes great... cant talk too much
  13. hell, i even saw [sm]g-force on the PartyServer the other day.
  14. hahahah, nice one kung. hahah that part killed me.
  15. full_clips straight pwns me and i cant rap for shit my ... homey ?
  16. hahahh i wonder if i should read all of ur posts instead of last one and first one, tho i got something to say... i doubt anyone would shoot someone in reallife and he plays this game.. cuz if he plays this game all day he aint got a job or money to buy a gun
  17. and so its official. UT is closing cause the founders & players wanna go solo like ol'times no offence to all UT member that jes found out right now, i love you! and other clans.. you better smile now, u got ppl to recruit =P
  18. [12:35:01] i was banned from a modding stunt server... [12:35:12] i LOVE insulting the admins! [12:35:50] <+Rawk_iT> which server was that lol [12:36:24] 24hrGamers.com No Mod DeathMatch Server|248ms| [12:36:33] <+Rawk_iT> yep thats a modding stunt server.
  19. well we didnt recruit anyone.. so he didnt fooled us =P yankess? lol, lifeless peice of shit
  20. no respect from deathb? aww... i think i have tears in my eyes
  21. SM|rawk_it

    {PwN} Klan

    .... When your friends decide to show up PM me and i'll unlock it. *sigh*. Locked.
  22. no point turning this thread into a pausing/frame limiter crap/lame shit flame thread. erm, take this to your own forums KFC. Locked.
  23. MoTnT , Mike .. two very good points.. anyways, flame each other on MSN or something... next time ill del it.
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