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  1. Must be really good server ;v, Cheers. Unlock it
  2. Name : Phakapon Boonma Ingame name : Enormous Age : 18 Country of birth : Thailand nationality : Thai Nativelanguage : Thai Other languages : English About yourself : Hello, my name is Phakapon Boonma.I live in Thailnad. I played mta since 2011-2012. My brother invited me to play MTA. I like to play MTA, GTA V, CSGO in my freetime but I prefer MTA Applying for : Alpha Tester What are your specialties : Im not good but not bad mapper. I just newbie only but I play over 10 servers so I can give u ideas to add in your server Media of your creations : - Did you join our discord channel : Yes Do you have a mic : No Servers played in the past containing the RPG gamemode : CIT, SAUR, SARS and much more