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  1. NO, I wouldn't mind not being able to pause an online game. As a matter of fact this is the only one I can think of that pauses when I do. I would be willing to accept the fact that I could get shot if I did an alt-tab, but seeing that I don't think that too feasable due to the games engine, I would rather not be able to alt tab. If it is important enough for me to go back to windows I can just as easy leave the game and re-launch it. It takes less then 60 secs for the game to start.
  2. $Mr.Verceti$ and $Body Guard$ are cheaters. They were in a server yesterday talking about taking "boat rides" and using cars to do so. Then I followed them from the airport (each in there own car) and watched them drive off into the water and around the Island. Many Others saw this as well and $Body Guard$ stated something to the effect he doesnt cheat, he drives on water but can take damage. A cheat is a cheat, be it a mod or a trainer. I hope the dev's can get a handle on it before it drives us legit people away from the game. The latency/quality is bad enough to deal with without ch
  3. I think alt'tab should just be disabled altogether alot of trainers/cheats like ramcheat the hacker needs the ability to switch to the trainer to get the effects on. Maybe it would help stop some of it from happening. Cheating is probably the hardest because I don't think the engine was coded to make memory addresses random like some of the more cheat proof games.
  4. um, why animated? heck the chars now are animated running down the street, so who cares if you dont see someones head turn to shoot out the window?
  5. BullzeyeVC

    My 2 cents.

    Well, since the best ideas are here.... 1)How bout a voting system? Since the admins can not always be available, it would be nice to boot those obvious cheaters, like $Mr.Verceti$ that drive on water while advertising they are going to do it. 2) Teams! yes I like the team color Idea where the name shows color. 3) Max ping/quality I know this might be hard at first with the netcode still needing tweaks but would also help reduce accused cheaters that really are legit. 4) A way to make multi server type games. This is probably the hardest Idea, but if you could have a server program that
  6. there was a guy [VCTC]Venom, he was at the airport just shooting people with a chain gun. he never moved from the one spot. there was about 15 people trying to kill him and he never took any damage.
  7. it normally means that some file in the directory is not an original. I would try uninstalling, making sure the directory is completely gone then re-install
  8. When I am in a car with another person, doesn't matter if driver or passenger, the vehicle is really jumpy laggy. I can deal with the no engine sound and tire lock, but the jittery makes it almost impossible to do anything. Is there anything I can do to help this situation? Anyone else have this problem?
  9. try taking out all your mods. sometimes the mods will cause crashes
  10. I agree camping should not be allowed but it would be difficult to code in the prevention. So, like said above spawn as a diff char and kill his arse, or just learn to move faster. Either way don't come here and complain to the dev's about the gameplay. It is as simple as that. They are working very hard on this. There taking a game with no built-in multi and transforming it into something spetacular. WAY TO GO DEVS! Can't wait for the next update!
  11. This darkshadow guy obviously means semen shouldnt be shooting semen. They are not TEAM killing they are camping. Camping should not be allowed as it is unfiar to the spawner. But like stated 1000+times MTA is not TEAMPplay yet... Last night I was in a server and we decided to play team style. people came in and cops were killing cops and noone complained. It's obvious you are so insecure about making decisions and others making decisions that you can't decide to find a server to meet your desires and/or are to lazy to do so. So, instead you just jump into any ol' server and think every
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