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  1. function asdasdsas() playSound("") end addCommandHandler("test",asdasdsas) what wrong? the API working fine, but the playSound not.. how to fix?
  2. Nerve

    [HELP] How to fix map bug?

    i deleted a world object, and i mapped to the world object's place, but how to fix this bug: ?? :s
  3. Nerve

    [HELP] What is the ID for this road object??

    meanwhile i found it the object
  4. Nerve

    [HELP] What is the ID for this road object??

    ok, then where can it be found this road object on default gta sa map?
  5. Nerve

    [HELP] What is the ID for this road object??

    Yeah, but i found this image on fb, i do not have the map.. :s
  6. What is the road object ID? I need this object for my map.. :s
  7. i tried, but does not working..
  8. local redcircle = dxCreateTexture("teszt.png") addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() dxDrawMaterialLine3D(-1989.73804, 214.91431, 50,-1989.73804, 214.91431,43.1096496582031, redcircle, 6, tocolor(255,255,255),0,5,6) end) I change numbers, but i cannot rotate the image... how to rotate the image? sorry for my bad english..
  9. Nerve

    [HELP] How to fix the fps drop?

    i tried this, but show only 2 blip
  10. if getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"kukaseh") then for k, v in ipairs ( getElementsByType( 'object' )) do if getElementData( v, 'munkakuka' ) then local bx, by, bZ = getElementPosition(v) local actualDist = getDistanceBetweenPoints2D(playerX, playerY, bx, by) local dist = actualDist/(worldMaxSize/((worldWidth+worldHeight)/2)) local rot = findRotation(bx, by, playerX, playerY)-camZ local blipX, blipY = getPointFromDistanceRotation( (MiniMap_x+MiniMap["width"]+MiniMap_x)/2, (MiniMap_y+MiniMap_y+MiniMap["height"])/2, math.min(dist, math.sqrt((MiniMap_y+MiniMap_y+MiniMap["height"])/2-MiniMap_y^2 + MiniMap_x+MiniMap["width"]-(MiniMap_x+MiniMap["width"]+MiniMap_x)/2^2)), rot ) local blipX = math.max(MiniMap_x, math.min(MiniMap_x+MiniMap["width"], blipX)) local blipY = math.max(MiniMap_y, math.min(MiniMap_y+MiniMap["height"], blipY)) if dist <= 120 then dxDrawImage(blipX - blipSize/2, blipY - blipSize/2, blipSize, blipSize, "blips/1125.png",0,0,0,tocolor(255,255,255,255)) end end end end when this true, and the dxDrawImage show, the FPS decrease from 100 to 50.. how to fix this?
  11. if i create a table, and i insert datas with table.insert, the datas are deleted when i reconnect.. why? how to save datas? sorry for my terrible english :ss
  12. uuhh, thank you with patch?
  13. i cannot, because i dont wanna buy a ultrawide monitor until i dont know the compatibility with ultrawide resouliton sorry for my bad english..
  14. can i play mta sa in 2560 x 1080 resolution?