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  1. I hope they fix that too. BTW, you're English is better or equal to most people. I would have thought you were English if you didn't say otherwise. You had a few problems though. I'm not sure if this is perfect English, but corrections are bolded. I didn't bother with capitals.
  2. Looks cool. I hope it gradually gets harder as the players get spread out to avoid clusters crashes.
  3. All can be found on the GamersEdge.org server. If you download them please rate them. I have more maps so post if you want me to put up the others. Friction http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=3637 It's hard for a SS to do this one justice, but this is the spawn. 12Track http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=3854 King of the Pyramid http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=3855
  4. If you ONLY change the model of the car or weapon it should be fine, just don't change any of the data or text files or the .col files.
  5. I made this months ago. http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=3632
  6. Are you still making this map? I started solidifying a bunch of LC, and then I thought I would come and see if anyone already made an LC map. I saw the maps but none of them had very good collision things for the stuff. Mine is pretty smooth and anywhere there should be a wall there is, and you can get to the roads you see. I'm almost completely done with the first 3 blocks of the map, but I want to make it all solid.
  7. I ONLY want it to be smaller if it is a server side option. If it was always only half, I wouldn't like it.
  8. haha, look at the title thingy under his name.
  9. when you hear the "bling" noise, it means the little message to close vc is open. If you press Enter, it should click "Ok" even though you can't see it. Then VC will close all the way, and you can reconnect using MTA. I always use enter, and if that doesn't work, normally ctrl-alt-del works.
  10. You misunderstood. The bike looks FINE on one pc and is on FIRE on another. Then on YOUR pc your bike blows up without ever being on fire. I noticed this also. It happens almost everytime my bike blows up and I dont think its ever happened in a car.
  11. I think 0.2.2 is way better just because there is way less crashes for me. Also I like all the jumps on the stunt servers. I havn't tried deathmatch yet. Do you actually kill someone when you shoot them now?
  12. evndude


    hey me, or [bLASTA]me. Those drunk spots are pretty weird. Hard to stay on a bike.If you have a pass on a bike and drive them under it, it makes the pass and driver drunk. Maybe if you back up so only the pass goes under only they will get drunk, or vice-versa.
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